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10 Things You Must Know Before Starting An Acne Treatment

Are you struggling with acne breakout and wondering about getting treatment? If yes, you have come to the right place. As with other procedures, like laser hair removal or cosmetic surgery, there are a few things to know before starting an acne treatment.

While salicylic acid face wash, detoxifying face mask, and toner work wonders on acne-prone skin, sometimes pimple-busting skincare products seem to be ineffective on the stubborn pimples. 

In this situation, going for acne treatment at CLEO clinic is your best step. But, you need to keep a few things in mind before discussing the treatment with a dermatologist, such as-

Your Skin Will Change

First and foremost, acne products may make your skin more sensitive. So, make sure to stick to the products recommended by your dermatologist. It will enhance the treatment process. The products include face washes, exfoliators, sunscreens, moisturizers, and makeup, as well.

Stay Open To All Suggestions

If you don’t have a genuine reason for not using a treatment, it is best to stay open to all acne treatment forms. Acne is treated best with a multi-pronged solution, including antibiotics, hormonal treatments, topical treatments, etc. 

Avoid Med-Spa Treatments 

Add on skincare treatments like microdermabrasion or peels are helpful in many forms of acne. However, it is necessary to discuss this with a professional like dermatologist Montrose CO in advance. Moreover, it isn’t advisable to have a med-spa treatment for your acne breakout without an evaluation by a physician.

Focus On Your Lifestyle

Acne treatment won’t work unless it is used continuously. If you hate using many things on your skin or don’t want to take pills, it is recommended to tell your dermatologist. This allows them to alter the treatment with something you can adapt and live with.

Antibiotics May Affect Your Gut Health

Long-term consumption of antibiotics is harmful to the protective microbiome. It may cause side-effects, like stomach upset. Therefore, before using antibiotics, it is recommended to modify your diet and avoid processed food, sugar, dairy products, etc.

Treatment May Take Time To Work

If you are undergoing acne treatment, you can expect at least six to eight weeks to work. Moreover, you may notice dryness or occasional redness that may last for weeks. But, your acne treatment may not show any significant improvement before then.

Stick To Your Regimen

While some medications may cause flaking or dryness, others may clog the pores and worsen acne. But, stick to the regimen. You can reduce the frequency of using drying products. They will work up to daily use at a tolerable state.

You May Face Occasional Breakouts

Even if your skin has been cleared up with acne treatment, you can still have the occasional breakout. The triggers may include period cycle, stress, hormonal changes, exercise, friction, or some foods, etc.

Don’t Use Any New Products

It is recommended not to use any new products or medications when you are undergoing acne treatment. Give the treatment to some time to work. Also, using new products every few days may cause new breakouts.

Some Medications May Also Increase Sun Sensitivity

Some acne treatments, like topical retinoids or oral antibiotics that can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. So, think about increasing sun protection to avoid skin irritation and sunburns.

To Sum Up

Consider the suggestions, opinions, and advice of your dermatologist, keep your acne treatment in check, and follow the regimen to reduce inflammation and acne pain. Visit your dermatologist regularly and make sure to follow the treatment routine thoroughly. Keep the things mentioned above in mind before you go for acne treatment.


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