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15 Impressive Kitchen Splashback Ideas for the Kitchen of Your Dreams!

Everyone wants their kitchens to be highly-functional, convenient and aesthetically pleasing so that it is a pleasure working through the daily kitchen chores and entertaining family and friends over dinner. Well, having a practical and beautiful kitchen splashback can transform your kitchen space. Here, we have compiled fifteen kitchen splashback ideas that you can use to change your kitchen ambience to your style preference.

  1. Black Glass Splashback

A black glass splashback is ideal if you want stunning modern aesthetics for your kitchen. For instance, a modern kitchen can be emphasised by a black glass splashback along with lustrous white cabinets. Due to their flat surface, they are easy to clean, and you can get them in different colours as per your preference.

  1. Mirror Splashback

If you have a small kitchen, then mirror splashbacks are right for you, as it can make smaller space appear larger. Nonetheless, mirrored splashbacks need regular cleaning else marks and dirt can rapidly build up.

  1. Window Transparent Glass Splashback

Make some provision by creating a window cutting on the wall so you can install a transparent glass splashback over it. It is ideal if your kitchen background has plants or trees, which will give you a view of nature and allow the sunlight in that will light up the kitchen space during day time.

  1. Marble Splashback

Marble splashback is evergreen and looks marvellous on all kitchen styles whether it is traditional, industrial, modern or luxury design.

  1. Moroccan Splashback

Install a Moroccan-inspired splashback to jazz up your kitchen space. The complex, kaleidoscope of patterns creates a colourful and artful central point in your kitchen.

  1. Copper Splashback

Copper is antimicrobial, which means it can destroy a vast range of noxious bacteria, so it can help maintain good hygiene. Copper material is ageless and stylish. Its shiny finish provides a modern feel while polished copper offers provincial styling. Well, it creates an impressive central point in any kitchen either way.

  1. Rectangular Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic rectangular small tiles are made similar to subway tiles but placed in a mosaic pattern in differing colours. The installation cost of rectangular mosaic tiles depends on how you buy them. If you purchase pre-made mosaics sheets, then installation costs would be lower; however, if you go the custom route, you’ll end up paying more in installation charges.

  1. Honeycomb Splashback

Honeycomb has a geometric shape that is a preferred choice for kitchen splashback, providing a striking and innovative substitute to conventional tiles.

  1. Painted Ceramic Tiles

You’ll spot painted ceramic tiles at flea markets, charity shops etc. If you like painting, then you can paint the ceramic tiles yourself. Choose some white ceramic tiles, paint them, dry them until they are ready to be installed.

  1. Wood Splashback

When it comes to timber and imitation timber splashbacks, you have a vast range of textures, patterns and colours to choose from. It is crucial to correctly seal your timber splashback or install a clear glass cover to make sure it is stain and water-resistant.

  1. Stainless Steel Splashback

Stainless steel splashback is ideal if you want an easy to clean and durable splashback. Stainless steel splashback will complement an industrial and modern kitchen; however, a traditional or farmhouse kitchen would look out of place. If your kitchen has steel worktops and stainless steel sink, then installing stainless steel splashback will complete the look.

  1. Chalkboard Splashback

With chalkboard paint, you can create a bespoke splashback. Using it, you can create a list for groceries that you need to purchase by the weekend, list out chores that you need to complete and set reminders for the family. Besides, you can add your artwork to it.

  1. Dark Grout

You can hide hard to clean stains using dark grout in your kitchen splashback and offer a stylish contrast against white tiles.

  1. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles evolved in the New York City subway system and distinguished by white tiles, arranged in an offset pattern. Nothing can beat trendy subway tiles when you require a classic splashback for your kitchen.

  1. Hexagonal Wall Tiles

Hexagonal wall tiles will look eye-catchy in one colour or random pattern. It will infuse a distinctive look to any kitchen, and when you install them, it will impress all your guests by your design taste. Hexagonal tiles are comparatively costlier to install because of their shape. Remember this, when you shop around for tiles and when reviewing bids from likely professional installers.

Final Words

These kitchen splashback styles will suit any modern home. However, when selecting a splashback style for a traditional or farmhouse kitchen, you have to be cautious because all splashback styles won’t go with it. For instance, a stainless steel splashback won’t suit a traditional or farmhouse kitchen. Finally, a glass splashback can transform the ambience of any modern or minimalist kitchen, making it look spacious, easy-to-use, practical and beautiful.

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