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16brilliant ways that will upgrade your cruise experience

The real motivation of choosing a cruise over anything else is the idea of a unique, amazing and entertaining vacation. But what can give this already magical holiday plan a kick, is some really good advice from the well-seasoned travellers, cruise-savvy folks and pros.

 Cruising is like an art and to shape it well, you need to hear a bunch of people pouring something out from their experience- what worked for them and which was a big blow. There are a lot of things that can double the fun, save time and money, and offer laid-back vibes.

So, make the most of your voyage with some really easy breezy tips here by the expert advisor of Mumbai to Goa cruise

  • You can escape the panicking and screaming at the time of boarding by being there on the port hours before. This can keep you devoid of the situation that you could miss the ship of crazy traffic, bad weather and other unforeseen troubles.
  • There may be continuous encouragement by the ship team to have a group dining at a specific time, but you can surely eat on your terms. Stage a picnic on your balcony, order a room-service breakfast, book table at one great restaurant, and hang out with your friends to extend the fun of the cruise.
  • The cruise ships offer plenty of packages and specials like the drink packages and you can surely be tempted by them. But, what you need to know is do maths on drink packages– whether that deal would suffice your daily drinking or you would have a loss.
  • The check-in luggage generally takes time to reach you when you get on board, it might reach you till evening. So, anything you need in advance to that, like changing clothes, wine, or medicines, pack them in a carry-on.
  • There will be crowding when it comes to getting an appointment for spas and all these hustles will end up diving you to get an overpriced massage. So, think wisely, consult the front-desk receptionists and choose the facilities you need amongst the steam rooms, thalassotherapy pools, heated tiled loungers and more.
  • The new and advanced Mumbai-Goa luxury cruise is equipped with overwhelming amenities and services that will make you weak on the knees for cruising. Take advantage of luxurious facilities and join the amazing discos and clubs. Shake it up a little with new people, tasty buffet, classic wines and hail for a great night out.
  • Don’t be surprised when you see the deck chair or the pool chairs stamped with towel or sticker claiming it to be someone’s else for the time, as the demand of these places is quite high. And if you don’t return within 40 minutes back to your chair, the deck police would remove the stamp from the seat.
  • Sit in the speciality restaurants, which have succulent food, quality service and better dining experience than elsewhere in cruise.
  • There are two dinner seatings- early and late. Ask your travel agents to book the later one because most of the outings fail in reaching on time.
  • Don’t come on the cruise thinking about a high-speed WiFi just like your home. There is a good internet connection available on the ship but just for regular runs.
  • Feel comfortable in asking the travel operators which all excursions are available so you can decide beforehand and book the ones that you like.
  • If seasickness follows you, book a room that is towards the centre of the ship with least movement and is accompanied by a balcony or porthole.
  • It would be safe if you carry your own pharmacy and not have to wait for the cruise line to drop any kind of first-aid help. So, grab a kit that has sunscreen, constipation/diarrhoea medication, motion sickness medicines, and anti-allergic doses.
  • Pack your clothes according to the itineraries. Expect one formal night, one smart-causal eve, casual excursions, swimming days and trekking mornings too. You will get the dress code for every night if there is something big and blossoming going to happen. Also, slip in the water shoes.
  • Don’t hesitate in bringing up the issues in front of the cruise lines. Their ultimate aim is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your journey, and thus they would do everything to improve your experience.
  • It might sound obligatory to tip, but don’t over tip on the cruise. Because many a time the automatic gratuity is already fit into your bill. But, if the attendant has genuinely gone above and beyond in assisting you, a bit of extra tip would be all smiles.

 These potential suggestions are still unknown to many. But, once you employ these, you can automatically cherish the pleasure and beauty of cruising.

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