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3 Easy Home Decor Tips and An Easy Alternative to Fund All

Were you looking to undertake some home renovation, remodelling or repair works, but could not do that due to cash crunch? You are not alone. Many people want to renovate their houses as per their preferences, but can’t do due to fund issues.

However, rather than breaking your investment and liquidating other assets to arrange the funds, you can now apply for a house renovation loan.

A home renovation loan is nothing but an extension of a personal loan designed to help you renovate your home. Being eligible for a loan can help you get up to Rs.25 lakh at a reasonable interest rate.

You can go through this post to know about some easy home decor tips to enhance home’s appearance inside out.

Quick Home Decor Tips to Make You Happier

1)    Add Shades of Color

Colours, when used properly, can have a spectacular effect on your well-being. Get the shades of colour that you would love to see every day, without being bored, in your living room and elsewhere. Each family member can get his/her living room painted in a favourite colour to add a new dimension to the overall look of the house.

  • Opt for minimalist design

Always remember that less is more these days. While going for the best home décor tips, one of them is opting for open designs with a minimalist style. As a result, you should give your furniture and objects some breathing space. Uncluttered and neat spaces not only look beautiful and peaceful but also make you happy and calm. Also, you should avoid filling your home with meaningless and useless stuff. It will alter the overall look of your home and make it look unorganized.

  • Add a dash of nature

You should try to bring in as many natural elements in your home as you can. The sights or sounds of nature may have a calming effect on your senses. To begin with, you can grow plants and veggies in pots these days. The focus should be on getting more in the garden and equally in your living room. You should get big windows so that air, sunlight, and cross ventilation keeps the room fresh. It would also let you enjoy outside scenes while sitting at the windows during rains and other seasons.

Some of the easier home décor tips that you can incorporate in your home are enlisted. Although going for the same may give a new dimension to your home, but it may incur some costs that you can arrange by availing a house renovation loan.

Benefits of Availing House Renovation Loan

Renovating, remodelling, and undertaking repair works and more may cost you. If you are not financially sound, then you can apply for a home renovation loan to cover the needs. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy while applying for the home décor loan.

  • Large amount – You can get up to Rs.25 lakh from leading banks and NBFCs to cover your needs inside out without borrowing from any other source.
  • Instant approval – Once you fill and submit online application form, you can get it approved within 5 minutes.
  • Money in your bank within 24 hours – After you have got loan application a ‘go-ahead’ signal, you can get money disbursed within 24 hours.
  • Flexible tenor – Leading financial agencies let you spread the cost of loan over a tenor ranging between 1 year and 5 years. As a result, you can pick a longer tenor as per your repayment capacity and pay in smaller EMIs. This way, you won’t feel the pressure of repaying the loan soon.
  • Flexibility – You can just pay interest as the EMI on the utilized amount out of your total loan limit and nothing more. This way, you can save up to 45% on the EMI payments. The remainder of the loan amount gets adjusted after the end of the tenor.
  • Online account access – Lenders also let their borrowers access the digital customer portals to help them stay updated on loan account 24/7.

If you have managed a strong CIBIL score, repayment history and employment consistency, then you can get home decor loan interest rate at a lower rate. You can also compare all loan offers on a third-party website to enjoy a lower rate of interest.

Don’t wait anymore; simply apply for a home décor loan online and get going!

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