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3 Health Services You Can Access Online

In today’s digital world, you can access almost every kind of service online. You can shop online, bank online, work online, and even socialize online. So perhaps it’s not surprising that you can make use of online health services these days, too. Much of this began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns around the world. However, due to their success and popularity, a lot of these services are here to stay. This article looks at three key healthcare services you can access online, and some of the benefits of choosing to make use of them.

1. Virtual doctor’s appointments

Gone are the days of having to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room full of sick people in order to see a doctor! Now you can book an online appointment instead via video call, or simply have a normal phone call with a medical professional. This is especially helpful for people who work long hours and find it difficult to book a doctor’s appointment. Talking to a doctor via Zoom is much easier to fit around your existing schedule, and cuts out the drive time, too. Of course, not every doctor’s appointment can be done online; if you have a medical issue that requires a physical examination, you will still need to attend in person. However, with a virtual appointment you can still get medical advice, ask any questions you may have, and be prescribed medication. You should also be able to access certain parts of your medical records online by yourself if necessary.

2. Online pharmacies

If you are prescribed medication, traditionally you would need to go to a pharmacy in person to collect it. Once again, however, technology has modernized this. Today it’s possible to use an online pharmacy such as to either be prescribed medication or have an existing private prescription fulfilled. All you need to do is complete an online questionnaire about your health and medical history, which will then be assessed by a registered professional who will approve your order. Your chosen medication is dispatched directly to your door, in discreet packaging so that neither your neighbors or the person who delivers your mail will know what you’ve ordered. This makes it an especially useful service if you want medicine for a sensitive issue such as erectile dysfunction.

3. Digital mental health counseling

Mental health services have improved greatly in recent years, and one way in which they’ve developed is by beginning to offer online services. For instance, it’s now possible to have therapy online—a great option for those who find leaving the house or talking to someone in person uncomfortable. Online therapy can be done via a self-directed course, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which involves a lot of digital exercises and lasts several weeks or months. Alternatively, you can have video chats with a therapist or even talk using instant messaging. In addition, you can find plenty of apps offering guidance on meditation, breathing exercises, and other forms of mindfulness. Again, not all of these services are suitable for all kinds of mental health issues, but they can be an effective first step to take.

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