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3 Tips for Anyone Going in for Coolsculpting

So, you’ve heard about Coolsculpting, whether from a friend, online or by your own accord and now you’re really pumped up to get treated and see why so many people are calling it a “revolutionary way to tone the body”. Keep in mind that other forms of body contouring are out there, which offer their own methods and some amazing results in their own right, but Coolsculpting is very different from them.

You don’t want to leave anything to chance and you certainly don’t want to be surprised with something you may not enjoy when you get to the clinic. So it’s super important to do a little research before heading in, especially comparing real CoolSculpting before and after pictures of the clients who did their procedure. This is true for pretty much any cosmetic treatment as a whole, but we’ll only be focusing on Coolsculpting.

Thanks to the wonderfully helpful staff and specialists over at NYC’s Skinly Aesthetics, we’ll get a few pointers on what to be aware of and what to expect before going in for a Coolsculpting session. And with this information you’ll be ready for your treatment and perfectly confident thanks to the fact that you’re aware of what’s going to happen during the procedure.

  1. Getting Ready for the Procedure

Unlike other treatments and especially body contouring treatments, Coolsculpting is a lot more forgiving. It doesn’t ask much of you in terms of preparation, as you’ll see in a minute how the treatment actually works.

As with any treatment out there, cosmetic, medical or otherwise, you need to make sure that your body has received enough rest. Coolsculpting doesn’t put much strain on your body during or after the procedure itself, but it’s always good to keep a strong physique when going in, as you don’t want to overbear it. This means you have to try and avoid getting any other cosmetic treatments before Coolsculpting, so as to make sure that your skin is strong enough to handle anything that comes its way. Also, you’ll need to consult with your doctor before going, since you may have had some other treatment, for example a medical, that the clinic will need to know about.

Basically, don’t leave anything out before going to the clinic. Make sure that your medical professional and the clinic staff understand the state of your body and if it has undergone any recent changes.

However, even if you’re sensitive to the cold and don’t enjoy the sensation, do remember that after a few minutes of being exposed to it, your skin will adapt and go numb, so the only cold you’ll feel will happen for the first 8 to 10 minutes of the procedure. After that, clients report not feeling anything, since the skin goes numb and all sensations, be it positive or negative, are cut off.

This basically means that you don’t have to worry about pain or other negative sensations during the procedure, but you may feel a little nagging in the treated area after the pumps come off and your skin reverts back to its normal state. This is similar to coming home from the outside during the winter and feeling your hands aching a little as they return to a warmer environment. Sure, it’s not the most comfortable sensation out there, but it’s a lot more bearable than what other body contouring treatments have to offer.

  1. Make Good Use of Your Time

Coolsculpting works on a completely natural level. Through a process called “apoptosis”, where fat cells, after long periods of being exposed to the cold begin to shrivel up and destroy themselves, the cells will gradually fall apart, leaving behind a toned part of the body.

This means that you’re essentially toning your body through natural means the abilities that your body possesses innately.

However, one downside to this, is that it may take some time for the effects to be felt, with most cases being from 4 to 6 months. However, you will gradually notice the difference and see for yourself how your body is slowly coming into shape.

So make good use of this time and avoid the habits that caused the fat buildup in the first place, whether it be a physically inactive lifestyle or unhealthy diets. It’s a great opportunity to work on yourself and get some amazing results at the same time.

  1. Make Sure You Understand Exactly What’s Going to Happen and How

This is something you’ll have to do purely through your constant communication with the clinic’s staff and professionals, who offer their advice to clients like yourself.

For example, the Skinly Aesthetics staff are constantly in touch with their clients post-treatment, to ensure that everything is going as planned and that they see a difference in how they look. Communication, as with most other things in life, is key in this case, so you’ll need to make sure that you are keeping the clinic professionals updated on your situation and how you’re feeling.

Don’t push this one to the side, as you might be too lazy to call up the clinic and ask them questions. It’s really important that you let them know exactly what kind of progress you’ve witnessed or if you have any concerns. At the end of the day who’s going to give you better pointers than the people who performed the treatment themselves.

Even if you don’t see the results at first, just keep calm and understand that these things take time. Through this process, keep in touch with the clinic and inform them on any new developments, so that this process goes by as smoothly as possible.

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