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4 Exciting Things to Do in Pampanga

Known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga made its name by nurturing its gastronomic masterpieces throughout the years. And when people hear the word Pampanga, chances are, the signature Kapampangan dishes come into mind. Some examples are morcon, betute tugak (stuffed frogs), pindang kalabaw (carabao meat tapa), kamaru (mole crickets), sisig, balaw-balaw (fermented shrimp), bringhe, and taba ng talangka (aligi or crab fat). Such authentic foods are primarily offered in the majority of the Pampanga restaurants there–from Everybody’s Café to Apag Marangle.

Pampanga is not only known for its culinary specialties but also its chefs. However, there is more to Pampanga, including some of the most exciting tourist destinations in the Philippines. If you are looking for more incredible experiences, especially where the kids can enjoy and be kids again, you can definitely visit and explore these places.

1) Experience the breathtaking rides and attractions at Skyranch Pampanga

Skyranch Pampanga is a theme park that caters to Filipinos who want to have a day full of fun and excitement. There are family, kiddie, and thrill rides. They also introduced HBL or midway games whereby classic games are offered, such as Extreme Shot, Hang Man, Spin-A-Wheel, Stick-A-Card, and more.

Skyranch Pampanga is open from 12 nn to 9 pm daily.

2) Discover how the dinosaurs used to live at Dinosaurs Island Clark

Dinosaurs Island Clark lets guests experience the dinosaur era with its life-size animatronic tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, spinosaurus, iguanodon, and more. Other than the dino species, the kids and kids at heart get to enjoy Dino Adventure Ride, Dino Trail, Dino World of Fun, and Jurassic Jungle Safari. The tour culminates in an open pavilion where dino stories are told.

Dinosaurs Island is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. It also offers family and group packages at reasonable rates.

3) Get up-close and personal with the animals at Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Dubbed as Clark’s first adventure zoo park, Zoocobia Fun Zoo offers exciting and educational attractions and activities. The adventure zoo theme park also offers rides for the thrillseekers, such as its gravity car rides known as Zooc rides and slides. There’s a barn, menagerie, and mango camp where guests may buy mangoes that they themselves pick and take home as pasalubong. Finally, Zoocobia has a Garden Maze where guests need to find their way out of the labyrinth.

Zoocobia is open daily from 8 am to 4 pm.

4) Camp at Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake or El Kabayo Picnic Grounds

Pampanga is not to be left behind when it comes to camping. If you are a thrill seeker, camping at Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake is your best option. An off-road vehicle drive, which is an adventure in itself, is part of the package. However, if you favor glamping, you should go to El Kabayo Picnic Grounds. The place is a Western-themed accommodation, so expect activities like horseback and carriage riding and archery. The experience is highlighted by a grazing table during dinner, which is available by request.

While at it, you still need your camping essentials that you can get from this seller of camping gears in the Philippines. You’ll need these things:

Spending time in Pampanga while on a budget

While it is true that traveling may be expensive, that does not mean it is going to cost you big time. Visiting Pampanga allows you to travel without worrying about money. And if you are adventurous enough, this trip will give you a new perspective of traveling.

Below are some ways to travel to and enjoy Pampanga more even when the budget is tight.

  • Figure out who is going

When you decide to travel, you must know who is with you on the trip. With this, you will have an idea of the estimated budget throughout the entire visit to Pampanga. Figure food, accommodation, gas or transportation allowance, and other such expenses into the actual budget. All these things should be considered whether you are planning a quick weekend road trip to Pampanga or stay for two to three days.

  • Travel with family and friends

Traveling is best when you go out with your families and friends. You will not just enjoy the trip, but you can also split the bill by the number of people who are going. Moreover, there are also advantages when you visit Pampanga with your loved ones. The more people, the more chances that there will be significant discounts when it comes to the payments.

  • Avoid touristy restaurants

Mentioned above is a Pampanga food trip, which you should not skip. However, there are two types of restaurants – the one you can afford and expensive restaurants. “We speak English” signs or with multi-language menus are one of the common indications of a touristy restaurant. These restaurants serve different cuisines from different countries. Unless you want to try their menus, then you ought to avoid hitting those kinds of restaurants.

  • Visit a local restaurant instead

With that said, you can always go to a local restaurant. It does not just save you a lot of money, but it also gives you a satisfying feeling you will only get with being a little adventurous when it comes to food you eat when you are in a different place.

  • Picnics save money

Bringing your food is one of the many things you can save while traveling. When you pack your food, it does not just save money, but it will also save you a lot of time by not stopping over to the nearest convenience store. For instance, you may have a picnic at Zoocobia while also sampling the local cuisine by having it delivered to the place. Yes, that’s a possibility.

  • Refill water bottles

This cannot be emphasized enough because the Skyranch, Dinosaurs Island, and Zoocobia are extensive areas to explore. You’ll get thirsty and would want to drink more, especially when visiting during summer. You do not want to be dehydrated while going to your destination. Bringing in extra bottled water is a must, more so when you are bringing food on the trip or ordering from the nearby restaurants. Bottled waters can be costly, more so when buying from a convenience store.

  • Connect with friends and family

If you are close to someone living in Pampanga, call them up. Traveling would be more fun if you had someone you know in the place. Your friend or whoever it may be can definitely give you local’s insights on the best places to visit, best camping sites to explore, best restaurants to buy or order from, and even the best hotels to stay at.

Traveling would be more fun and exciting if you do not have to worry about what to do in Clark, where to go aside from the restaurants in Pampanga, and how much you need to spend. You want a satisfying trip altogether, which is only possible if you know how to maximize your time and money.


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