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4 Kinds of Early Learning for Kids

There are various methods available in the world today for very young children’s learning. Early learning online is a booming business and a dime a dozen. You can find early learning online schools in abundance, with all kinds of systems and techniques.

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori created and developed the Montessori method of learning. The Maria Montessori method of learning emphasises a developmental approach to learning. The philosophy states that all students must learn at their own pace and on their own time. “Student-led and self-paced” is the known approach to the Montessori method and emphasises that teachers act as “guides.” It aims to develop a child’s sense of character, life skills and academic ability to have students learn on their own with independent exploration. Nature, creativity and hands-on learning are three tenets of the Montessori method. Children can focus on things that are in tandem with what they are interested in, which fosters a natural curiosity.


Austrian Rudolf Steiner was the creator of the Waldorf method of early learning. Because you can find many Waldorf early learning online schools, be wary of the ones that are not accredited by Waldorf.

The Waldorf method focuses on a child’s spirit, body, soul and interests. Learning aims to be inspired and is supported by routine. Creative and hands-on learning, which follows a weekly schedule, is the style in which Waldorf is taught. A predictable environment is necessary for the child to develop wholly, claims the Waldorf method, and involves a very hands-on approach. Play is more important than strict academics, and teachers often remain the same throughout the years.  A home-like and cosy atmosphere is created in the classroom, hoping that the child gains enthusiasm for learning.

Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia philosophy emphasises an open-minded pursuit of education where children are encouraged to take things into their own hands. Learning is done based on students’ interests, and projects related to them are assigned. Projects can take weeks, and problem-solving techniques are emphasised. Collaboration and self-expression are encouraged. The projects are in-depth and require flexibility from the teachers. The students are made to focus on an exploration through art and other activities related to their interests.

Reggio Emilia was created in the 1940s in Italy, and teachers don’t have to have a degree in it to teach. It is a theory above all, and learner’s intellectual, emotional and creative strengths are called upon to be able to learn.


The Shichida method is a great way for early learning online for kids ages 0-4.5 years. It was founded in 1958 by Makoto Shichida. It emphasises whole-brain learning, which is not taught in many other methods. In Shichida, children learn to be emphatic, intelligent, able to find their passion, motivated and always up for a challenge. They have a well-rounded education in which they learn the following: literacy, creativity, fine motor skills, critical thinking, image training and spatial awareness, among others.

The right hemisphere of the brain is believed by Shichida to be where genius is found, and he believed that children stopped using that side, which develops first, when the other side develops, at roughly four years old. Hence, Shichida aims to stimulate the right hemisphere so that useful abilities can develop. These include photographic memory, intuition and musicality.

No matter the method of learning you choose to adopt for your children, remember that the most important part of their educational journey is the support and participation they get from their parents and guardians. Online learning is slowly becoming the norm, so it would not be the hardest thing to be present during study time.


Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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