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4 Reasons Why Earning a Doctorate Online Makes Sense

Online learning has grown exponentially in recent years. Schools and universities across the world are providing their programs across the internet, with people able to enroll in everything from specialist training courses to bachelor’s degrees.

Another option that’s rapidly expanding in popularity is for people to earn their doctorate online. Why is this the case? Below are four key reasons why studying for a doctorate online makes sense.

Reason #1: It fits into your schedule

When it comes to doctorate degrees online, one of the most immediate advantages gained is convenience. Compared to a campus-based institution, there’s a large degree of flexibility with studying online.

Along with avoiding the need to commute to a specific location, you can put together your own schedule – ideal when working around your current personal and professional life. In addition, as there’s generally no set semester enrolment date, you have the freedom to choose when to register and start your classes.

A doctoral program is not something you can take lightly. It’s a long-term education solution that lasts six years on average. As a result, the flexibility of learning online can be invaluable.

Reason #2: A more affordable education

Another key selling point of studying for a doctorate online is that it is more favorable for your bank balance. Extending on from the previous point, you don’t have to travel to and from a physical university, give up your current profession, move into new accommodation, etc. All of this places less stress on both your finances and mental wellbeing.

Streamlining expenses and only paying for your tuition isn’t the only positive available on the table. As online programs typically utilize fewer resources compared to their traditional counterparts, it also means your tuition fees can be lower.

Reason #3: Personalized, professional learning

Not long ago, there was something of a negative perception about online learning. Certain people imagined it as mass-produced, pre-recorded content with no flexibility. However, that isn’t the case when you select a reputable institution for your doctoral degree. They will supply a personalized learning program, one that includes advanced support and the ability to choose your own research topic.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your education being at a lower standard than other available avenues. A quality university will deliver a program with a valuable combination of virtual lectures, group work and discussions, tutorials, project-based learning, and exams.

Reason #4: The path to a higher salary

It’s not just educational institutions that are seeing the value of online doctorates. Employers also recognize the significance of candidates that have achieved further education via distance learning. It shows employers that you are committed, have excellent time management skills, and can take the initiative, all of which are attractive qualities in the workplace.

By attaching a doctorate degree to your name, it makes you stand out from other candidates when applying for a new job position. After all, it is among the highest credentials available. It’s also not just for those seeking new career opportunities. A doctorate degree opens the door to negotiating a bumper pay raise in your current position.

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