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5 Best Chocolate and Liquor Gift-sets for Valentine’s Day

A chocolatier is often praised for being an artist due to the elaborate confections that are almost too beautiful to eat. Each piece of chocolatey art is carefully packaged and ready to become a gift for someone special. This Valentine’s Day, show your sweetheart some love with one of these chocolate gifts sets. If he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, treat him with a liquor gift set. He will love you for it.

Chocolate Gift Sets

A box of chocolates is a sweet indulgence that most people appreciate. However, choose a special or unique chocolate gift on Valentine’s Day, rather than the typical boxes that you see on department store shelves. Gifts like liqueurs, chocolate biscuits, and personalized chocolates make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts.

  1. Truffles

Add some spirits to your chocolates to elevate the experience just a little bit more. These truffle gift boxes are just what you need, but you can make your own truffles at home too. Surprisingly easy to make, customize the homemade truffles with all of his or her favorites.

Moonstruck Oregon Distillers 12-Piece Truffle Collection

These hand-painted truffles are tasty pieces of art that have been made even more exciting by including something special from various Oregon craft distilleries.

Red wine chocolate truffles sound like a little piece of heaven and they look incredible too. Perfect for someone who doesn’t enjoy spirits but still wants a little bite in their sweets.

Mocha truffles are a great choice for when mixed with dark chocolate and topped with confections like sprinkles or red and white chocolate. They are rich and delicious and perfect for coffee aficionados.

  1. Chocolate Biscuits

You can’t go wrong by giving a box of melt in your mouth buttery cookies topped with Godiva’s rich chocolate. There are many different chocolate biscuits on the market, but they are hard-pressed to compete with Godiva.

There are many craft shops online and in specialty stores that make cute tesco chocolate biscuits such as chocolate dipped Oreos that are decorated with hearts, letters or even a cut tic-tac-toe box. These make a light and fun Valentine’s Day gift, for those who may be early in the relationship.

  1. Personalized Chocolates

There are a few different ways to give personalized chocolates for Valentine’s Day. These are all fun options that will show how much you care:

  • The box spells out a message: In these boxes of chocolates, each individual chocolate has a letter or symbol on it that spells out a message to your loved one.
  • Customized shapes: Have a box of customized chocolates made to fit your sweetheart’s passion. Is she a photographer? Send her camera shaped chocolates. Does he enjoy golf? Get him some golf ball-shaped chocolates.
  • Inscriptions: Much like having a cake decorated, you can have inscriptions placed on chocolates too.
  • Personalized labels: Today you can create or buy labels for chocolate bars. Print whatever you like on the label for a one of a kind chocolate gift.

Liquor Gifts Sets

  1. Specialty Liquors

With hundreds of types of specialty liquors on the market, you will not run out of options if you choose to give the gift of booze. They come in all price points and the most coveted of them all are the limited editions like Blood Oath Bourbon. A new batch is released each year, each in a stately bottle that will look great on any liquor shelf. The Macallan 18 Year is another bottle that will be appreciated. This single malt scotch screams sophistication with a rich yet smooth oak flavor.

  1. Fine Wine

Add to the wine collection with a few bottles of fine wine. Look for specialty wines that may not be available at other times in the year. If you don’t know very much about wine, look through the contents of the current wine collection and make notes. The wine shop will be able to help you make the best choices based on what has already been purchased. Worst-case scenario, you ask your loved one which wines they would like and ensure you make the right choice.

These five gift ideas offer something for couples in all stages of relationships. Whether you buy a box of chocolates, truffles, chocolate cookies or bottles of spirits, you will be showing your significant other just how much they mean to you.

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