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5 Essential Baby Gear Items for New Mums

Are you a new mum or a soon-to-be new mum that wants to be sure you’re completely prepared and have all the essential baby gear items? These are the items that will make parenting a whole lot smoother during those initial first weeks and months, and baby a lot a happier. There’s no doubt that the list of baby items can be overwhelming, but that’s exactly why it’s important to separate the priority items from the want items. With that said, here’s a look at five essential baby gear items that are perfect for new mums.

Baby Bottles

If you plan on bottle feeding your baby, you’re going to need a collection of baby bottles, as well as some accessories to go along with them. A good tip is to look for bottle starter sets as they tend to offer a variety of bottle sizes and extras like a cleaning brush.When packaged in sets, they may also be a bit more affordable, as there are usually savings to be had. You can check out sites like for these types of sets.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is one of those items you may not think you’ll need but will likely be the item you end up using the most. You can find all kinds of styles from sound only to video monitors. They range in features, sound and video quality, day and night vision capabilities, and the budget, among other things. It’s a good idea to spend some time researching the options so that you find the one that meets your needs.


In terms of where your baby will sleep in those early weeks and months, parents often prefer to use a bassinet since it is smaller and can be moved around the house to whatever room you like. You’ll find that bassinets all boast their own list of features, but the thing you’ll want to be wary of is the reviews and safety standards. Anything you buy needs to comply with the Australian Safety Standards to ensure your little one is safe and sound.

Nappy Changing Accessories

Then there are the nappy changes, which there will be plenty of in the first few months. You want to be sure you have all the necessary items on-hand for smooth, quick, and safe nappy changes. This can include a change table, a waterproof change mat, nappy wipes, some sort of barrier cream to protect against skin rash, and nappies in a variety of sizes. You never know how quickly your little one will grow, so it’s wise to have at least one size up on-hand at all times. An ill-fitting nappy can be very uncomfortable for your little one and cause leakage.

Bath-time Accessories

Bath-time is always a special bonding time for parents and their little one, so you’ll want to be sure you’ve got gentle baby soap, some soft towels, and a baby bath with a ramp. There are also bath seats if you prefer.

As you create your list of must-have items for your baby, these should most definitely be included.

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