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5 Incredible Benefits of Business Landlines

Is your company searching for a new phone system? According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a recent study shows that about two-thirds of Australian businesses have a landline. While mobile devices have surged in popularity in the digital age, many companies are installing or upgrading their business landlines. These wired phone systems can still provide a wide range of benefits, many of which might be surprising, including:

  1. Better Security

It is an important issue for businesses and residences when selecting a phone system. In fact, it’s become a major issue among mobile phones in recent years. Today, many people and businesses have become concerned about security issues related to calls, ads, and social media.

Meanwhile, landlines use a fixed medium to transmit data. This makes them much more secure than cell phones. Thus, if you want to boost your company’s overall security, you should certainly consider the benefits of landline systems for businesses.

  1. High-Quality Reception

In recent years, the popularity of mobile devices has increased, and there are now 1.3 mobile connections for every Aussie, according to Prosperity Media. However, landlines still offer better overall reception.

Smartphones often cause voice quality and reception issues, which can become a problem when communicating with customers and employees. This involves different issues like weak signals, sound breaking up, and dropped calls.

However, in the case of landlines, these issues aren’t a major problem. It’s because the phone has a hardwired connection that links directly into a local phone network. This differs from cell phones that are based on a shaky signal that’s transmitted wirelessly.

This doesn’t mean your company can’t benefit from mobile devices. However, when it comes to reception and voice quality, you should consider having a landline system installed at your office.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

A landline phone can be very cost-effective if your company is looking for money-saving options.

A telecom company can install landlines more cheaply than mobile systems. Cell Phones require higher operating expenses due to factors like installation, maintenance, and data usage.

In addition, upgrading a landline system will be much cheaper than purchasing new smartphones for all your employees.

  1. Modern Features

We often think of landlines as being large and clunky communication devices. However, today’s landline systems have many of the same features of mobile phones. This includes different functions like:

  • Caller ID
  • Text messaging
  • Readable voicemails
  • Internet of Things (IoT) compatibility

Besides these features being offered for landlines, your business can secure it as bundles provided for wired and wireless phones. This offers more value since you won’t have to purchase the features separately for landline phones and smartphones.

  1. Emergency Situations

This is one of the main reasons for businesses to install landline phone systems. When you need to call “000,” a landline tends to be more reliable than cell phones. In case your business must call emergency phone numbers, it’s critical to successfully contact emergency services.

Meanwhile, if your cellular phone experiences a weak signal, it could cause connection problems. This is certainly a problem you would want to avoid during emergencies.

Another benefit of landlines is that your business will be making calls from a fixed location. Thus, when you call 000 dispatchers, it will be easier to report your company’s location. This will help to save precious time in an emergency, which is essential.

If your company is selecting a phone system, consider business landlines. They can provide various benefits like reception, features, and cost. Wired phones help keep your company connected.

Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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