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5 Things a Lawyer Can Do for You Following a Car Accident

After a Texas auto crash, you may think that you don’t need a lawyer to help you recover compensation for your injuries. After all, car accidents happen every day, and it’s the job of your insurance provider to handle that bit anyway, right? Wrong!

Being involved in a vehicular accident can be a stressful ordeal. The initial accident shock, emotional trauma, injuries, and the resulting expenses do not make things any better. Even worse, the involved insurance companies may deny liability and refuse to pay your claim.

As such, you’ll want to work with a lawyer who understands Texas personal injury law to help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Here are five things a lawyer can do that you probably can’t do following a car accident.

  • Deal with insurance investigators and adjusters on your behalf.

Insurance companies often use unscrupulous tactics to deny, delay, or lower settlement requests. They can afford to play waiting games until the statute of limitation expires. But you don’t have to fall victim to their tricks if you hire the right Houston car accident attorney.

A skilled lawyer understands all the tactics insurers use to settle claims as cheaply as possible. They also know what facts will convince the insurance company that your injuries are real and accident-related, and your settlement demand is justified.

  • Help you establish liability.

Things can be very confusing after a car accident, and it’s sometimes hard to tell who was at fault. Even when it may seem clear to you that the other party was at fault, the insurance company may not agree.

An accomplished personal injury lawyer will be able to gather (and sift through) evidence to establish who is responsible for your injuries. Better still, they will use the available evidence to build a strong case on your behalf.

  • Estimate the actual value of your claim

While some car accident injuries may be visible immediately, others such as whiplash may not be apparent until after several days or even weeks. That’s why you are advised to seek medical attention even if you feel OK.

More importantly, you must enlist a reputable lawyer. A great attorney will work with your doctor to establish if there’s a need for further medical treatment and estimate your claim’s value.

  • Handle insurance negotiations and represent you in court

Insurers are known to convince car accident victims to accept lowball settlement offers. They are good at it and will do all they can to pay the least settlement.

However, with a car accident attorney on your side, you can be sure that the settlement you receive covers the full extent of your losses, whether your case is settled or tried in court.

  • Ensure that the law isn’t used against you

In Texas, matters relating to personal injury can be complex. For instance, the state uses the modified comparative negligence system that bars you from receiving compensation if you were 51% or more to blame for the car accident. In addition, the law gives you up to two years from the date of your injury to file a lawsuit in civil court.

A skilled Houston car accident attorney with an in-depth knowledge of the Texas personal injury law can help identify which rules and regulations are relevant to your case and ensure that the law is not used to deny your claim.

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If you have suffered personal injuries in a Texas car accident, hiring a Houston car accident attorney is usually a good idea.

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