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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Frames in Australia

Did you know that a third of our lives is spent on sleeping?

Sleep is important to our bodies like breathing, eating and drinking. You are aware how significant it is for maintaining good mental and physical health.

A restful night’s sleep could turn into a nightmare if your bed is uncomfortable. Mattresses, quilts and pillows become a part of your sleep ecosystem providing you quality sleep when you need it. But without a quality bed frame, all the cushioning becomes slumber unfriendly!

A good bed frame will compliment your mattress, supports you and your partner and fits perfectly into the aesthetics of your room.

How do you find the right bed frame?

There are plenty of shapes, sizes and materials of build to choose from. You get to pick from wooden bed frames, fabric bed frames, king size and queen size bed frames, single and double bed frames and more.

When you buy a bed frame online, you have the convenience of sitting in the coziness of your home and browsing through as many options from cheap bed frames to expensive ones. A stylish and sturdy bed frame can enhance your bedroom décor and add potential storage space.

Let’s take a quick look at the things to consider before choosing the perfect frame for your bed that looks great and stays that way for a long time to come.

Size and weight

The size and weight of your bed frame depend on what mattress you have or you intend to buy. Double bed frames go with full-size mattresses. Likewise, king-size bed frames go with king size mattresses. The bed frames in Bargains Online meet the Australian standard size requirements making it easier for you to browse and choose the right type of bed frame.

If you’re buying your bed set from scratch, consider how much room you have for it and what size makes it comfortable for you. Mattress dimensions and the bedroom space play important roles in getting it right.

Bedroom size

Without thinking twice we can agree on the fact that a bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom. You need to get a sense of the size of the room before you embark on the bed frame shopping.Proper measurement of the room and the intended space for the bed is the best way to understand what size of bed frame you need to buy.

You can get an approximate size of the bedframe and how it fits into the room by placing your mattress on the floor. You may also use pillows and masking tape to get a rough idea. If you think that a large bedframe would cramp the room space, you may opt for a simple metal frame to reduce the space it takes. Another option would be a simple platform bed frame with drawers under the box spring or shelves in the headboard.

Platform bed or box spring

A platform bed is a low-profile bed frame with a solid surface for mattress support, and it has a built-in foundation. It usually has some storage space which makes it ideal for small apartments and studios where space is limited. Buying a platform bed is a wise choice for those who watch their budget.

A box spring is a wooden box containing a layer of springs covered by dust-barrier fabric at the bottom and breathable fabric on top. It can be placed directly on the floor or on a bed frame for extra height. It complements innerspring mattresses and enhances shock absorption.

Choosing between these two depends on the kind of mattress you have and your preference for comfort.

Height and bulk of bed

A larger bedroom might need an elaborate bed frame.If you prefer a bulky bed frame like a headboard with bookshelves, you need to do a little extra measuring. Also, larger beds might have to go through disassembling and reassembling to get them through the door. You need to check if that’s possible with your chosen frame.

Bargains Online offers many bed frames with ease-of-assembly and efficient packaging. We make it worthwhile to buy a bed frame online with hundreds of options like tall and bulky king-size bed frames. Also, you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to get yourself a comfortable and stylish bed!

Medical condition

If you have any medical condition or advice from your doctor that needs attention while choosing the bed, it should be given the utmost priority. All the furniture you come across at Bargains Online provide details regarding their design, make, materials, benefits, side effects, etc. You can go through those information and instructions while making your purchase decision.

Your medical condition might dictate which sleep surface is best for you and accordingly, you need to decide on various mattresses and bed frames.

Good night, sweet dreams

The bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom and choosing the right style and comfort is of paramount importance. If you like a warm and welcoming feel, you may opt for a wooden bed frame. If you prefer a contemporary, sleek look, you may go for metal or wood with clean lines.



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