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6 Skincare Tips to Transform Your Skin

With numerous skin care products and routines available at our fingertips, it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose the best products that will have that amazingly desired effect on your skin, and give it that absolute wow factor. 

Well worry no more, as these are some of the simplest, yet most effective skin care tips that can be easily applied and have a truly transformative effect on your skin. At Award winning beauty salon. Eyebrow embroidery, lip blushing and eyeliner embroidery, as well as facial and body treatments are all available!

Get to know your skin

One of the biggest skin care mistakes, that can be easily avoided if researched properly, is using the wrong products for your specific skin needs. You’re not doing your skin any favours by dollaping on layers of products that don’t even accommodate the needs of your skin. Using the incorrect products can actually be more harmful to your skin, causing unwanted breakouts and blemishes. Take the time to know your skin texture, and use the best and most effective products to keep it looking healthy and replenished. 

Layer correctly 

Once you’ve obtained the best skin care products for your specific skin needs, applying them currently is the next important step in your skin transformation journey. You won’t reap the benefits of your skin care products if they’re not applied in the correct order. As a rule of thumb, always start with the most light-weight formulas that can be easily absorbed, before layered with heavier creams. And always give some time (a few minutes) for your skin to fully absorb each layer to avoid those tiny balls of excess product forming on your skin. 

Don’t overapply product

An easy skin care trap and mistake that many of us fall into is overapplying products onto our skin. ‘More is more’ is definitely not the rule of thumb here. Applying heavy layers of moisturising creams can end up causing skin care woes such as blocking your pores. It’s also a huge waste of product considering your skin won’t be able to absorb it all anyway!

Double cleanse 

Double cleansing is one of the most underrated yet effective skin care hacks that can leave skin truly transformed. It ensures that all the excess dirt, bacteria, and pollution is deeply removed from skin cells to allow a clean base for the application of your skin care products. 

SPF is vital 

This is dermatologists favorite. The one thing all of them agree on and stress is the importance of using SPF and sunscreen daily on your skin to keep it protected from sun damage and exposure. High levels of sun exposure is highly linked to the aging of skin, even on cloudy days is important to protect skin with at least SPF 30 creams or sunscreen. This daily practice will completely transform your skin. 

Regularly use face masks

Most of us think of doing face masks only on special occasions or during the occasion girl’s night in pamper session. However, face masks are really important and can be easily incorporated into a daily skin regime. Face masks can address and treat a whole list of skin concerns, you just need to find the right one for your specific skin needs.

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