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6 Tips To Define The Data Governance Approach For MDM Programs

An MDM program will be rendered ineffective without a well-defined data governance approach. Enterprises hire data management services to create elaborate master data management plans for handling and linking all vital information with a single master file. The practice ensures that all the users at the organization access the necessary information from the same master dataset. This helps in generating accurate analyses repeatedly. However, the plan will not succeed unless a monitoring plan is not formulated for overseeing the initiative. Governance lays down the foundation for running an MDM scheme successfully. Most corporations where the information management system is implemented for the first time, fail to integrate with governance. This can happen because of a variety of reasons ranging from ignorance to cultural incompatibility. In this article, we are offering some suggestions to define an effective governance approach for the data management plan.

1. Define A Business Case Scenario

Everyone knows that having a supervisory framework will benefit the management initiative. However, enterprises need to know exactly what benefits will be gained through effective monitoring. Studying how the MDM program is integrated into the organizational structure will help in identifying the areas which will see an improvement after the implementation of the monitoring initiative. A business case scenario must be defined which explains how the program will help the MDM plan. This will help the enterprise in seeing the quantifiable benefits of the scheme.

2. Get Executive Sponsorship For The Initiative

Once a solid business case has been defined, it is time to convince the executive leadership of the corporation about the advantages of having a data governance strategy. Getting the key decision makers to support the plan will help in getting sufficient funding for the project. They can also help remove roadblocks like internal organizational politics and departmental conflicts. Data management experts project MDM as the enabler of major business functions. A similar approach needs to be taken while pitching for a supervisory framework. Ideally, someone who already is a part of the executive decision-making group must communicate the business case to the other leaders. This will help in getting strong executive support for the program.

3. Ensure Active Participation Of Business Sections

A common mistake that leads to the failure of governance is treating it as an isolated program. A dedicated team needs to be formed which keeps a close watch over the different processes and tools involved in the system. However, composing this team by only picking technically proficient people will not be correct. It is essential that the various business sections are involved in the scheme. The users from the business side understand how non-adherence to a specified policy or procedure can impact a business function. Including members with this kind of business awareness will help in rolling out the initiative in an effective manner.

4. Create An Elaborate Plan After Current State Evaluation

Defining the data governance approach for an organization can be easy as compared to putting it in practice. It is necessary to spend sufficient time in creating an elaborate plan. Every enterprise is unique and has a distinct structure. Moreover, the objective behind investing in the program will also be different for each corporation. Matters can get even more complicated if the organization is not culturally-ready to move to a data-centric approach. It becomes, therefore, essential to evaluate the present state of governance at the enterprise. Most companies do have some sort of supervisory mechanism to oversee the different processes. Studying the existing framework will help in assessing the readiness of the business for the initiative. This kind of insight will be valuable in creating an effective plan which addresses all concerns of the organization.

5. Identify Suitable People For Stewardship Roles

Data stewards are responsible for implementing the program on the ground and ensuring that the specified rules and procedures are followed across the organization. Efficient personnel conduct the supervision of all daily processes and report all anomalies and errors to the relevant users. Their prompt actions help in resolving all the issues at the earliest. It is necessary that the composition of the governance team is finalized just after creating the plan. Enterprises must look for people who are familiar with the assets they are going to monitor and understand their value for the business. The selected professionals must also be technically proficient as they will need to use technological solutions as a part of their work.

6. Implement The Program In Stages

Another mistake that organizations can make while implementation is that they try to execute the plan at once across their entire infrastructure. This can cause serious issues and ultimately force the project to fail. It will be sensible to implement the plan in a phase-wise manner. This will help in ensuring that the initiative generates valuable results and is productive. The research conducted while making the plan would have helped in discovering which sections are best prepared for the new scheme. The program must be initiated from such departments. This will make sure that the implementation is completed with minimum hassles. It will also be helpful in identifying the problems that can appear when the scheme is executed in the rest of the sections. Stage-wise implementation will give the team enough time to find solutions to the issues and make sure they are avoided in the latter stages of the program.


Enterprises must engage experts to define the data governance approach for their MDM initiatives. This will help in resolving problems in the program and making sure that it remains productive.

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