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7 Reasons Why You Should Read More

Most people know that they should make reading a part of their daily routine, but not everyone knows exactly why. If you haven’t picked up a novel since school and you need a reason to get back into the habit, here are seven reasons why you should read more:

1: You Learn a Lot

There is a reason why students spend hours poring over books – they are a great source for learning. Books have endless amounts of knowledge hidden away in their pages, and by reading more, you get a glimpse into that. It’s simple, really; the more you read, the more you know. Whether you’re a student or otherwise, ready readers will help protect your eyes from strain while getting through your pile of science-related non-fiction.

2: It Increases Your Vocabulary 

Most people have the desire to expand their vocabulary. Not only does it make you sound smarter (and thus garners the respect of those around you), but it also makes you a better writer. Reading is one of the quickest and simplest ways to learn more words. If you use a kindle to read, you can easily look up words as you read.

3: A Break from Screen Time 

Too much screen time can damage your eyes and even your mental health. Luckily, books provide an excellent escape from that. If you spend too long scrolling through endless tweets, picture-perfect Instagram posts, and entertaining TikToks, you will benefit from picking up a book from time to time.

4: To Get a Break from the World 

The world can feel like a lot sometimes, and with constant access to multiple news sources and social media, taking a break from it can feel tricky. Books are a way to learn more about the world without having to live in the real one. It’s like stepping into someone else’s daydream!

5: It Helps You Sleep Better

Another thing screen time is bad for is getting to sleep. Instead of looking at your phone or watching another episode of your favorite Netflix show right before bed, consider getting into bed with a book and reading until you feel tired enough to sleep. Just try to stay away from ones with endless cliff-hangers, as it’ll probably have the opposite effect and keep you awake for longer!

6: It Improves Your Concentration 

Your concentration dies when you’re constantly flicking from one article to the next and only reading short social media posts. Luckily, you can reverse this lack of concentration by taking up reading as a hobby. If you struggle to read more than ten minutes at a time, that’s OK – work your way up until you can comfortably sit for an hour while soaking up another world.

7: It’s Fun!

If you still need convincing that you should read, then start for no other reason than it is a lot of fun! Think about your favorite movies and TV shows, you get to experience exactly that with your own imagination thrown in there. Whether it’s Sci-Fi novels or historical non-fiction, reading infinitely expands your world by allowing insight into someone else’s.

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