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7 Tips For Creating a Cozy Lounge

Whatever your design tastes, it is possible to make your lounge a snug and comfy refuge from everything the day has thrown at you.After a busy day at work or a long day taking care of the children, you long for the evening when you can sink into the couch and spend a peaceful hour or two in relaxing surroundings.

Style your lounge the right way, and you can make your “me time” even more calming. Here are seven tips for creating the perfect cozy living room.

Put your feet up

There are few better feelings than dropping down onto the couch or a favorite armchair at the end of the day.To maximize this glorious feeling, invest in a couch with extra squish. Fat plump pillows that envelop you as you recline will feel like a warm hug.

Try a sectional sofa that gives you the option of stretching your legs out, or if you prefer to have your own personal space, why not opt for an over sized armchair, which will prevent anyone else from invading your comfort zone?

Pop a wool blanket or soft throw over the back of the sofa, and it will not only add a little design flair to your seating, but it will be to hand when you want to wrap yourself up from the world.

Clear the clutter

There’s nothing less relaxing than looking at your beautifully styled living room and seeing clutter everywhere.

The best way to avoid this is to invest in some attractive yet practical storage options. What type of storage and how much you need will vary greatly depending on who you share the space with and what your living room gets used for.

If you live alone or with your partner, you might just need something that neatly hides away wires, consoles, remote controls,and other entertainment-related untidiness. Choosing a TV unit with cupboard space built-in might work well for you, but for others, it might be more beneficial to have a small drawer unit by the couch.

For bookworms, a little bookshelf next to your comfy spot will let you reach for the latest paperback without moving an inch.If you have children who regularly use the living space to play in, make sure you have some large baskets or boxes so, at bedtime, any toys can be easily thrown in and forgotten about. You can find some stylish toy storage ideas here.

Mood lighting

There are lots of options to choose from, and by including a mix of lighting in your lounge, you can change it up or down to suit the mood.

Modern chandeliers can be used to great effect, adding drama, elegance, or a bit of vintage chic.Pendant lights look great hung low and positioned in a dim corner, such as a little nook that you regularly tuck yourself away into.

There are lots of styles of string lights now on the market. Slung around a lean-to bookshelf,for example, they can add just the right low lighting for a cuddle up on the couch. The same applies for some strategically placed lamps. Choose between positional standard lamps or oversized table lamps for some dramatic lighting in all the right places.

For some old-fashioned mood lighting, light some scented candles for a complete destress.

Take it down

Opt for thick wall-to-wall carpets for ultimate sumptuousness or dress wooden flooring with soft rugs for those times lounging on the floor is what’s called for.

The ultimate way to add a casual element to a space is to throw down a beanbag or two. SumoLounge have brought the 70s classic right up to date with a variety of sizes and grown-up fabric options such as suede and corduroy.

Create warmth

There is no room for feeling chilly, so make sure you’ve thought through your heating options.

If an open fire is an option, they really can’t be beaten for adding a warm, homely feel to a space. Not only does it keep the cold at bay, but the scent itself almost feels warming, and, of course, the flames are super relaxing to watch too.

If that’s not an option, a log burner is a good second choice and the safer option if you have young children. For those who can have a bigger budget, consider underfloor heating, which provides radiant heat, warming the room more evenly, avoiding hot and cold spots. Another benefit is that it doesn’t take up wall space like traditional heating systems, allowing more freedom with room design and furniture placement.

Radiators are a popular option so to stop them spoiling the look of a room, a stylish radiator cover can turn the ugly appliance into a beautiful feature.

Cozy up

Soft furnishings not only add an element of warmth and comfort, but they are also a great way to tie different elements of the room together.

For example, if you have brass door handles or a gold-colored light fitting, pick that up in the fabrics you use for cushions and drapes.Using a thick fabric for drapes will stop heat being lost at the windows and will also feel more luxurious. Old favorites like brocade and velvet feel decadent, while a wool or tweed material offers a more modern take.

Make it beautiful

The finishing touch to any room is how you accessorize it. It is also an easy way to inject a little of your own personality into the design.

Choosing some statement art for the walls can help make a space feel less empty. Choose warm colors such as autumnal scenes, sunsets, or abstract pieces using oranges and reds, or even purples and dark blues can work well.

Vases of dried flowers or house plants add to a homely feel, as can a well-placed fruit bowl.

Oversized mirrors leaned against the wall instead of hanging is the way to wear it right now, and as well as reflecting your beautiful room back to you, it’s another way to let bare walls come to life without feeling cluttered.

It doesn’t have to be a complete revamp. If you don’t have the time or budget to start your space from scratch, introducing any of the ideas featured here will add an extra element of coziness to your space. Lounge life can never have enough throw pillows, after all.

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