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9 Home Decorations That Will Make Your Christmas Holiday Special

The holiday season is fast approaching; it is a busy time for everyone. Christmas is the time of the year when families and friends get together to celebrate and have fun. It is also a time for fun home decors. No matter how big or small your home space is, there’s always room for a Christmas tree setup or hanging lantern decor.

Make your Christmas celebration at home extra-special with these beautiful yet easy indoor and outdoor decor ideas:

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Create your own scented Christmas candles.

There is no better way to make Christmas dinner with your loved ones more romantic and intimate than by setting up the tables with your DIY scented candles. These Christmas candles will make a perfect centerpiece in your dining room or living room tables. You can set them up anywhere in your interior where you want some romantic holiday lighting. What’s more fun about this Christmas decor idea is that it allows you to bring out your creativity and will cost you no more than a few dollars. It’s a fantastic weekend project that you can share with the family. Aside from being a popular Christmas decor piece, essential oil candles also make a heartwarming Christmas gift. So, make sure to create a few more pieces to send out to your friends!

Get a Christmas dinnerware set.

Get a Christmas dinnerware set.

Spruce up your table setting with complementary dinnerware, placemats, and cloth napkins. Your everyday plates have no place in your special dinner party. You’ll be amazed to see how a new Christmas dinnerware set makes your simple dinner setup beautiful and elegant. There are plenty of dinnerware set designs out there for you, and they’re for sale at a price you can definitely afford.

Decorate a smaller tree.

Big tall Christmas trees are becoming a regular during Christmas. If you want to do something unique this year, try decorating a smaller tree. This will save you time and money shopping for a new Christmas tree. Over the years, surely you have experienced the hassle and difficulty disposing of a huge Christmas tree. A smaller tree would be easier to set up and remove, plus it won’t take much room in your interior.

Make your home shine with pendant lights

Make your home shine with pendant lights.

Colorful lights play a big part in your holiday celebration. Aside from setting up the mood of your holiday party, lighting fixtures also add a unique, personal touch to winter holiday decor. Pendant lights make a perfect Christmas lighting decor for any part of your house, both indoors and outdoors. To achieve a crafty look, find small ornaments to hang around your gorgeous pendant lights and chandeliers. Lushome recommends incorporating green branches, paper crafts, dried fruits, and berries in your Christmas lighting decor.

Dress up your fireplace area with leaf garlands

Dress up your fireplace area with leaf garlands.

You can’t leave your fireplace looking boring and empty during Christmas. Serving as a focal point in your interior, you need to give more focus on decorating your fireplace. First, you have to make sure your fireplace is well-cleaned and maintained for winter holiday use. Once the place is sparkling clean and spotless, decorate it with leaf garlands, which you can buy at a cheap price. Complete the look with big red ribbons on the side, and you now have an eye-catching focal point for the holidays.

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Incorporate wreaths in your home christmas decor.

Hanging Christmas wreaths is a classic way to spruce up your interior decoration. You can place it among other decor items on a display table or hang it on doors and windows. If you want to add a personal touch to your home Christmas decor, you can skip buying ready-made store items and create your own Christmas wreaths. There are plenty of design options that you can find and copy from the internet. The most popular ones include a grapevine wreath, bow wreath, berry wreath, olive wreath, and boot wreath.

Light up outdoor LED christmas displays

Light up outdoor LED christmas displays.

Bring light and joy to your neighborhood this Christmas season by setting up a front-yard Christmas decoration. Using outdoor Christmas displays, like a reindeer string set or inflatable Santa or snowman, that come with LED white lights will make your front yard shine bright and stand out in the neighborhood.

Remember to observe safety precautions when setting up outdoor LED Christmas displays. First, you have to check the label of the decor items to see if they are fit for outdoor use. Some decor items are made of materials that can easily melt or burn with direct exposure to sunlight while others can be sensitive or vulnerable to moisture, snow, or rain.

Welcome your holiday guests

Welcome your holiday guests with a front door decor set.

For a front porch holiday display, you will never go wrong with a pair of giant Christmas balls, a wreath door decor, and nutcracker soldier figures. You can add string lights to this front door decor set to make it glow during the night. It’s a perfect way to greet your special holiday guests and welcome them into your finely decorated indoors.

Build a snowman

Build a snowman.

Building a snowman has become a Christmas tradition in snowy regions. Kids look forward to this outdoor activity during the holidays. To make sure Mr. Snowman lasts until Christmas day, try to use other building materials like recycled plastic, foam, or wood. Today’s most popular snowman sculptures are made from plastic bottles.

How to prep your air conditioner for winter

 Your winter preparations must not exclude your air conditioning system. While you don’t need your AC to cool your home during winter, it doesn’t mean you can just leave it unchecked. The cold weather, snow, and ice can put a strain on your air conditioner. Performing regular AC maintenance like cleaning the air filters and the surrounding space will keep the equipment stay in good condition.

For all your air conditioning needs at home, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a licensed and skilled HVAC contractor. Before summer hits, make sure to have your air conditioner serviced by a pro. Schedule an AC repair as early as today!


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