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9 tips to remember before you hire a commercial cleaning company

When it comes to your office clean, a lot of businesses have an important decision to make that is, should hire a cleaning crew on payroll or hire a commercial cleaning company to handle cleaning duties?

While there are pros and cons to both approaches, there are far better reasons that indicate outsourcing the cleaning duties is the best option.

A commercial cleaning company understands every aspect of what it takes to clean commercial space. It also understands the extent to which a clean office makes a lasting impression on clients. They are also willing to do work during non-business hours so that your daily business practices are not affected.

So, if you decide to hire professional commercial cleaning services, here are 10 tips to help you choose a reliable commercial company.

  1. Do a thorough background check

When it comes to finding a commercial cleaning company, it is important to ask the right questions. It ensures that you get the best service available and at the right price. Find out how many days they will work and how many hours they are available. Especially if you want the work done after your office closes and your employees have left for their homes.

Also, compare the price with other service providers. Ask about their hiring procedures, do they train their employees or hire experienced team members, and what type of projects they can handle.

  1. Ask for references

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, you should invest some time researching their reputation. Find the reviews and feedback left by their previous clients. This way you get an idea about the quality of services provided by the company and decide whether you should hire them or not.

  1. Ask if they have liability insurance

All commercial cleaning companies should have proof of insurance and valid permits to operate in your area. Ask them to show their general and workers compensation certificates. Also, look for a company that that has a team of regular employees rather than cash workers. They are the ones who carry insurance against liability and injury if an accident occurs during the service. This protects both you and the cleaner. And lastly, do not forget to verify the business license.

  1. Make sure they only hire professionals

It is important to ask how they hire their employees and inquire about the hiring procedure used by the company. You want to ensure that the crew sends by the company is professional and experienced and knows how to do the job properly. You may also want to inquire about their dress code to ensure they look presentable and professional. Many companies have a uniform and ID badge, which is good info to know upfront.

  1. Ask them about their experience

You want to know if the company is well-established and has a history of serving business with satisfying results. If a company has an established process, they are more likely also have an established reputation to back their work.

  1. Do they follow a checklist for cleaning duties

Find out if there is a standard task-list that each worker has to follow to ensure they clean each and every corner of your office. Ask them about the cleaning supplies they use, you can provide your own cleaning supplies if you are allergic to a certain item. Also, ask them whether can they identify trouble spots or not, what products they use for the job? Do they use natural cleaning products? These questions are important, so don’t forget to ask.

  1. Choose a local company

If possible, look for a company that a local office. This helps you ensure that the crew will reach your office quickly if needed. It is also helpful in the event when you need to communicate with them in person.

  1. Ask if they have an MSDS list

Material Data Safety sheets are part of a safety process commercial cleaning company. Any business that handles chemicals, even if they are not considered dangerous, must have an MSDS for each chemical. This information is crucial for determining the chemical reactivity with other compounds like, whether they are flammable or not, do they produce any harmful fumes and more. All workers must have a copy of this sheet with them at all times.

  1. Does the company offer you flexibility?

A good and professional cleaning company is willing to work according to your schedule. If you need your office to be available for a night meeting, a cleaning crew can schedule their work accordingly. Professional crews are available for work whenever you need them. This type of flexibility not only saves you time but also money.


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