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A Career Guide to Becoming a Professional Dog Walker

Dog walking has recently become a viable full-time work for most people. The pay is good, averaging from $30 to $45 per hour. Plus, it’s easy and fun, especially if you’re a dog lover. You never run out of customers. Many fur parents in AU hire professionals for dog walk Brisbane has today to achieve the exercise needs of their pooch. I know what you’re thinking, do you need a professional to walk a dog?

Walking a dog is not as easy as most people think. There are guidelines to follow. This is why companies that offer dog walk Brisbane residents promote meticulously orient and train their employees to provide proper exercise to various types of animals.

Employment in the field of animal care is projected to grow up to 26% in the next 5 years, making dog walking a promising job. If you want to start a sideline as professional dog walkers, read this short guide to kick start your career.


To engage in professional dog walk Brisbane vets recommend,  know that your general responsibility is to satisfy your client by making their dog happy and healthy. You will provide exercise to your client’s dog, pick their droppings during walks, and feed them after.

Professionals that focus on dog walk Brisbane residents promote are like baby sitters. You are responsible for the safety of the dog while under your supervision. You may be asked to notify the owner and bring the dog to the vet in case the dog becomes sick or injured.

Skills and competencies

Compassion and patience are the most important qualities of a dog walker. Every dog has a different preference and temperament. It’s important to develop the skill of empathy so you can connect to the dogs and their needs.  

It’s important to build a relationship with the dog to make the dog walking worthwhile and efficient. If I don’t have time to walk my dog, I will hire reliable and local dog walkers near me. This way, I know their needs are met and they are treated gently.


While dog walking requires no formal education, experience with handling dogs is a big plus. Owners are most likely to trust you with their dogs if you have a background as a veterinary assistant or prior work in the field of animal health. Some dog walking companies give their applicant’s written exams and practical tests.

Newly hired dog walkers also undergo a short training period. This ensures that they know the duration and level of exercise for each dog breed and age. Poodles, for example, need 30-45 minutes of exercise. German Shepherds and Pitbulls need more strenuous activities to keep them satisfied.

If I have a large breed with a strong prey drive, I would look for dog walkers near me to ensure my pooch gets the exercise he needs. This will help them expand their energy and keep them satisfied. When a dog is happy, it suppresses its stubborn and aggressive tendencies.

This is why countless individuals choose to hire dog walkers. If you plan to be one, it’s a great way to earn money, stay fit, and build wholesome relationships with dogs. For more information about dog walkers, visit


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