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A Comprehensive Guide To The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

The first trimester of pregnancy is arguably the most crucial time and is defined as weeks one to twelve. These weeks start immediately from the first day of your last period all the way through to week twelve. It is, therefore, entirely possible that you may not even confirm that you are pregnant until six or seven weeks into the pregnancy.

Expecting a baby, especially for the first time, is the true proverbial rollercoaster of emotions, and there no doubt be numerous questions spinning around in your head. Here then, for your information, is a short, comprehensive guide to the first trimester of your pregnancy.

What To Expect

There are copious effects on the first trimester of pregnancy upon the body, some of which may be surprising. Acne outbreaks are very common due to higher levels of androgen hormones than usual. Finger and toenails will grow significantly faster and stronger, and your gums may well appear redder than usual and perhaps even a little swollen.Additionally, there are naturally some danger signs of pregnancy in first trimester.It is for this reason that you must attend regular clinic appointments and look after yourself in the best way possible for the health of both you and your baby.

What To Do

It is strongly advisable to take folic acid supplements throughout your first trimester as well as regularly eating small portions of healthy and nutritious food, the latter being the best way to at least attempt to avoid bouts of morning sickness.

Always attend any pre-natal appointments booked and, if you make an appointment after detecting odd signs and symptoms that vanish before the day of the appointment, be sure to still attend. Have a water bottle to hand at all times, especially when out shopping at the store or visiting friends, as hydration is one of the essential qualities while pregnant, especially in the first trimester.

What To Avoid

Many women start to go off specific foods and smells that they absolutely adored prior to pregnancy; always listen to your body and respond accordingly. However, there are universally accepted foods that should be avoided where possible while pregnant.These include seafood containing high levels of mercury, any undercooked poultry and meat, soft cheeses, unwashed vegetables and fruit, and too much caffeine.

In addition, you should try to avoid alcohol during the entirety of your pregnancy or smoke cigarettes, cigars, or vape pens, as both can seriously negatively impact your baby’s growth patterns and affect vital organs and functions.

First Trimester Baby Facts

  • Babies are born able to hold their breath underwater, and this skill is used to drink breast milk, breathing, and swallowing simultaneously.
  • Babies are both without kneecaps, which only start developing after six months.
  • Your baby will be able to hear and come to recognize your voice while in the womb.
  • At the end of your first trimester, your baby is approximately 4 inches long.



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