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A High-end Mechanical Watch: Omega Seamaster Chronograph

 This watch is part of the watchmaker’s long and distinguished history, which dates back to its inception in 1937 and has a contemporary and more streamlined appearance. The Omega Seamaster was created in 1948 and still belongs to the current line of Omega watches, despite some claims to the contrary. Because it is the ideal watch for your missions, it can do everything.

This article discusses some remarkable recent products, including the Omega Ocean Planet Ocean Chronometer, which the Seamaster company has recently put on the market. As well as the Seamaster Planetmaster 300M models, and their great efforts to create new ones. The Seamaster 300M was a remake of the first edition of which found considerable acclaim, which was introduced in the sixties and supplied to the Royal Navy. The return of the Omega Seamaster watch relative to its previous version, the Twenty-Sixth Planet model, received the most cutting-edge changes and advancements that the company had to offer.

The Rich History of Omega Watches

An even more intriguing part of the brand is the facts about their stories, too, which include some of the most amazing timepieces to be found anywhere. Omega began operations in 1848 when Louis Breguquet (he was 23) constructed the basic components of the first watch for his customers and assembled them for them into finished products. The company collaborated with the Société Suisse Horlogère (or the Swiss Watch Industry Association) from the 1930s to the 1940s and later developed into an independent Swatch Group of companies. The company currently holds the top-ranking position in this influential corporation. Also known as the James Bond Watches, it sets its date to 1948, the Omega Seamaster model retraces the path that was first taken by Omega when they unveiled their first timepiece in 1948. These watches are family heirs; they’re distinguished as being among the greatest diver’s watches, even by divers, because of their reliability and age. When the first Seamaster-Marker was unveiled in 1932, it is generally agreed that it introduced the classic wristwatch style to the world.

The best features of the brand

Yves Prieur is regarded as the father of modern diving because he invented the modern scuba and air tank gear, with its greatly improved oxygen supply systems. Before its launch, the war, the wristwatch’s function was to meet the needs of British armed forces due to whichever waterproof watches were developed. The primary difference between the Sea-created diver’s watch and the Sea-created Seamaster is the feature of an O-ring seal, which the company uses to extend water resistance. According to the new product development, as a team member Omega turned to Omega Seam, the final design of Omega became Seamaster, with a resilient gasket as an essential component. Despite being submerged in water, this new case had retained its shape and operating up to a depth of 60 meters at temperatures as low as -40 C. At the company, the engineers felt confident that the durability of the Seamaster was tested by placing one of the models on an aircraft that flew it over the North Pole in 1956 and taking it with them to the Pole.

Omega Models at the Peak

Until this time, water-resistant products used shellac or lead items, which were rendered useless by the frequent extreme temperature changes, used to frequently occurring conditions of water immersion were invented. Customers were using only those that were either easily ruptured or brittle. Here are the top models of Omega.

  • Speedmaster Professional Chronograph

On July 21st, 1969, Omega became the first brand to have had its watches in orbit around the moon. This Buzz wore it on the surface of the moon when he emerged onto the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. They wore an Omega Moonwatch model of the same design on the Lunar Module, although Neil Armstrong put it on the surface rather than taking it with him. Aldrin’s personal belongings were stolen on his return, and so his watch was left in the void. Fortunately, there was a Speedmaster in Washington D.C., which is now at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

  • Constellation

Though time has caused the mechanism to show some wear, however, the movement has been kept elegant and accurate to this day. The previous models are in yellow and silver; the new ones, however, appeared in a unique golden and black coloration, making them more distinct from their competition. The real distinction was made with the Constellation Grand Luxe model, which featured a platinum and gold leaf finish, making it look more elegant. Thus, the watch evolved into 1982’s Constellation Manhattan, which has its classic four deployant griffes gripping the bezel, suggesting that the timepiece might be having a locking function.

  • Seamaster

In the world of collectors, the Seamaster is known as James Bond’s watch. Goldeneye first saw Pierce Brosnan wearing the bracelet on his wrist in 1995, in the James Bond film GoldenEye. This was a Seamaster watch, part of the new Professional-series collection, made by Omega. Daniel Craig uses the present-day model Seamaster 300M as his diving watch, and the older Seamoon 600M planet model alternates as a dive watch. This product line, however, is sometimes referred to as the ‘Seamaster,’ as it was introduced in 1971 by an early Seamaster designer Plop. The material initially tested watertight up to 600 meters but can now handle depths of 1,200 meters.

  • De Ville

Seamaster was a new member of the Seamaster range in the 1960s, but ultimately made its name in 1967 when it branched off from the family tree. It has an uncomplicated and traditional design that sets it apart from its contemporaries. In this case, modern elements were added to an expanded legacy of fine wristwatch design, resulting in an award-winning watch collection. In the 1970s, the De Ville received the Prix du Présidentiel Europémand and the Baden-Baden Europe design awards, which are among Europe’s most prestigious prizes, in order to commend its style and uniqueness.


The sophisticated style of these low-key watches fits almost any type of lifestyle. Consider the fact that their seemingly simple, uniform design indicates that they have all the necessary characteristics and features and don’t assume they’re simple, lacking. If you want to check out the latest prices of Omega timepieces, you can head over to The Watch Company right now!

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