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Advantages of organizing a wedding at home

Celebrities have become fashionable “backyard weddings” of their own home for some time, and have certain advantages that you should know before deciding where you are going to celebrate your marriage . More and more are the couple who, among the alternatives of event centers or other places, prefer to stay with a much more intimate option. And what more intimate than a house? It can be theirs or that of one of the parents, the important thing is that it fits the needs of each marriage and that both the bride and groom can feel comfortable.

Here the Sankofa Guest House gives some point that make your wedding more happy and enjoyable. 

  1. Undoubtedly, within the largest expenses of a wedding is the lease of the place where it will be held. In that sense, choosing the house as the space to hold the event is an excellent option to reduce costs.

In this way, they can invest more in other items such as food, wedding cake or buying that cute backless wedding dress you saw in an exclusive store

  1. Being this a place already known, in which the bride and groom feel comfortable and that they know every corner, it will definitely be everything more comfortable. Probably many of the guests know the place, which will also make them feel at home.

The schedules will also be much more flexible, since you will not have to abide by the limits of hours that conventional event centers usually place. Here are you who evaluate what is the most convenient start and end time of the celebration; if they want it to be something more moderate or until the candles do not burn. 

  1. A simple decoration in the garden can be very effective to hold a wedding at home.. They are cheaper , since the couple will save the money they were going to invest in renting a room or another place for the party.
  2. They offer an intimacy impossible to find elsewhere: the bride will surely feel more comfortable arranging herself in her own home, and the guests will feel in a more welcoming space.
  1. Additionally this decision limits the number of possible guests to the wedding , since surely the space will be smaller.
  2. Your house also has ideal sites for wedding photos . Take some time to study the best places with your photographer, so that on the day of the celebration they have planned which are the ideal places. If you are near the beach you can take a chance with a casual photo session before and after the wedding or a Trash of Dress .
  3. If you have an outdoor space, take advantage of it. Keep in mind that if you are going to celebrate a wedding in winter or in cold weather you must be very attentive to changes in weather, since a good downpour can ruin the celebration: you must have a tent in the garden so that guests can protect themselves , better if you have some kind of platform or ground below to prevent people from walking on the wet grass.

8 . Although there are great cooks or chefs in your family and the groom’s, it is always advisable to hire a professional service for the event. The latest in catering for weddings in Colombia is the commitment to simplicity, sophistication and creativity: the ideal ingredients for a banquet at home . And you can still reduce the budget expenses more if you decide to choose and buy yourself the liquor for your wedding .

  1. Your house is a place full of memories, and although it may require more effort on the part of the bride and groom and families to prepare the party, participating in the organization of an event of this type will serve to reinforce the bonds of union between the parties. participants .
  1. You can stimulate your creativity by following one of the trends in weddings for 2013 : brides from around the world are choosing to do themselves (DIY) many of the details for their marriage, from a wreath of flowers , which are very fashionable, until decoration details for the celebration site. We leave you these 7 top DIY ideas for weddings where you will find the inspiration you need.

.There is no doubt: marriages at home are worthy of all the beautiful phrases of love . If you decide to celebrate yours in this way, consider these aspects and everything will go perfectly. Now to continue with the preparations as the choice of bridal hairstyles and the song for the dance, and to celebrate.

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