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Are You Feeling The Pinch? Follow These Tested Ways to Make Money Online

Money is not everything but it is something; there is no doubt that you need it for your survival. Though money cannot buy your existence, you need it to continue your survival. The only thing that can let you have all materialistic things is MONEY.

You will work to earn money and you will exert yourself to become affluent. Everybody wants to make money as quickly as possible but a few of you know the tested and most reliable ways to make money online.

Not all people are rushing into online moneymaking ways to be better off, and not all people are workaholic. The most significant reason is build up savings account so that you can meet unexpected expenditure at once without rushing to direct lenders.

Whether you are looking to make fast cash out of your hobby or you are unable to make ends meet, you should follow these methods of making online money. Some of them may take a longer time but all of them will go places.


Blogging is the best way to make money online, especially if your target audience is from the UK because there is less competition. You must have a complete setup to start a blog. Discover the niche and start sharing information and experience with your audience in your own words. Do note that it is not a quick process to make cash online. You need patience to make it successful.

Teach ENglish Online

If you have command over your English language, you can start teaching online to students of other languages. Many people from all over the world prefer British teachers to learn English language. All you need is a laptop or desktop and the internet. In fact, some institutes do not require experience and particularly specialisation in the language. You get the green signal as long as you have teaching skills. YouTube platform is highly recommended when it comes to teaching online. You can upload several tutorials of English grammar and vocabulary. TEFL certificate or CELTA will give you an additional benefit.

Online survey sites

Survey sites are one of the most common ways to make online cash. You can earn around £50 every day with one survey if you complete it on time. However, if the purpose of making fast money is to avoid taking out loans, you should focus on other alternatives. There are several online survey sites on the internet. Some follow points system and some directly transfer cash. Make sure that you read all terms and conditions of the site before carrying out a survey.


Freelancing is appealing to many people. If you have creativity, you can use it to earn money. Sign up freelancing sites to create your account and start bidding projects. Whether you are a graphic designer, website designer, content writer, e-book writer, video animator, and digital marketing executive, you can grab the work from all across the globe and earn big money.

Most of the time you fail to get loans for unemployed at lower interest rates because of lack of enough funds. If you manage to handle freelancing projects with your full-time job, your account balance will go up and continue to rise. In fact, freelancing helps you earn more than your full-time job. You can use your freelancing income to take out unemployed loans when you do not have a full-time job. Freelancing is the best method to earn money faster than other sources.

Website testing

Yes, you can get paid for website testing. You do not need to have a technical qualification. Many UK companies invite people to help companies to improve their websites. WhatUsersDo is one of them. Follow four simple steps and you are all set to go: sign up, download screen recorder, take a practice test and start earning money. It is the easiest way to make online cash. Some companies also hold competitions and offer monetary prizes to best performers.

The bottom line

Making online money is not impossible. Whatever the online method you follow to earn cash, it will take time and patience. If you have time, skills and passion, you can generate huge amount through online income sources. There are a large number of ways to make money online. Search them and start making money.

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