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Best Christmas Party That Are Also Great for Any Holiday Party

Christmas is once a year occasion when friends, relatives and each members of the family meet. Those who live in another city or state visit their home, so they can add another fun and happy Christmas experience in their life.

Christmas and holidays are that time of the year when we host or attend so many parties and dinners for our loved ones. If you are hosting a Christmas holiday party, and you don’t want it to be just another party, you might want to try some of these awesome party ideas –

Christmas Characters –

Christmas is not just an occasion. Taking inspiration from the epic called Christmas, you can throw a themed party this year, involving inspirational characters from Christmas that have been a part of our rich culture and traditions for centuries.

Ask your guests to dress up in the costume of their favorite Christmas characters. If you do not want your party to have two Santa or two elf, you can assign each guest one character, which he/she will have to appear in.

Pajama Party –

Pajama parties have picked up popularity in recent. It is not a formal party though. The party stays alive all night. It is more like a sleepover party, in which those invited stay overnight at the host’s place.

The guests have to appear in their night casuals, and the spirit of the party comes from music, snacks, puff or vape, and drinks. Order snacks and drinks in advance.

While there need not be a wide variety of food at the party, do offer a few good choices of branded cigars/smoking pipes and drinks to your guests.

Remember, this party idea does not involve elderly, because they wouldn’t understand this very concept.

Open Fire and Cook What You’re Best At –

This party idea, too, is for friends and cousins. Arrange open fire or bonfire in your yard and build a temporary pantry there using some tables from your house. Use deep freezer to stock your beverages. Install good quality music system and speakers for your party.

You can have (some of) your guests to cook what they are best at. For this, you might want to discuss the menu with your guests. This is going to be a super-duper event for you and your guests.

For parties like this, you will need to have someone to do the dishes after cooking and dinner. Have plans to manage the littering and debris.

Inviting parents and your friends’ parents at this occasion would be a bad idea. Though, if you want them to be at the party, replace dance music with classic and country music, and hire professionals for cooking and cleaning.

What’s Your Ornament?

Ornaments are an essential display at get-togethers. But as a twist, you can ask your guests to wear DIY Christmas themed jewelry for your upcoming Christmas party.

Imagine the view, everyone at the dinner table in your party wearing a handmade jewelry! And to help your guests create DIY jewelry, you can send them links to some how-to videos on YouTube.

Cookies Swap –

Christmas is incomplete without cookies and cakes. For this themed party, everyone, including you, bakes traditional cookies and cupcakes, brings their cookie basket to the party, and shares it with others.

Wow! And that way, you party will become a place where you get many new cookie and cupcake recipes to learn.

To have it all as per the theme of the occasion, you can ask your guests to bring the cookies they usually bake for Christmas.

Reindeer Dance –

Turn your party into a wild night with some funky music and people dolled up in reindeer costume. The party can be hosted anywhere – in-house, open air, or at a rented party destination.

The theme of the party is reindeers dancing at noisome music. Plan a similar menu to add more flavor to your party’s theme. Have crazy cocktails and mock tails along with spicy snacks for your crazy reindeers.

Be it whichever theme, your party should come to an end with beautiful gifts. For gifting, you can offer customized t-shirts, water bottles, cigar case, cookie basket, baseball bat, earphones, and wine bottles. To make your guests feel special, you can have custom labels on wine bottles and other gifts.

Karaoke Carol –

This idea works best, if you are planning to bring your Christmas party outside your home. Rent a party hall and arrange for a karaoke setup for the party night.

You and your friends will sing carols all night without irritating those irritating neighbors. Dress up in Christmas themed attire for the party.

Funny & Weird Gifts –

You can add more fun to your event by offering funny and awkward gifts to each of your guests. This isn’t about creating awkward moments.

Exchange hilariously funny gifts with your friends and relatives and fill your event with utmost fun. It will be the most memorable event for your guests for quite some time.

Ask your guests to choose the weirdest gift for the party.

Bottom Line –

Whether you are planning a Christmas party, a pre-holiday office, or a small in-house event for your friends and relatives, you will need ensure that there is fun element in it. It is that essential ingredient that increases the excitement level of your and makes your guests talk about it for weeks.

The activities, dress code, and theme for Christmas party should be based on the age-group of people you are going to invite. The idea is to make your event a pleasant memory for your guests.

Hope the aforementioned party ideas help you throw a party like that!

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