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Best Winter Cities In Asia

There are many different places to visit during the cold season and Asia is no exception as it hosts one of the most favored winter destinations in the world. Asia is best known for its outstanding cities such as Singapore, great beaches especially on the south-eastern parts of the continent, good food and culture, and some wonderful history. Additionally, the climate changes from time-to-time and from country-to-country in Asia. As you go north, the region tends to have colder climates as compared to the southern parts. This makes Asia best for winter sports such as snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling, skiing, and etcetera.

Some of the countries that offer sunny and warm days, and cool and enjoyable nights during winter include Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, India, and Laos. Others like the Perhentian Islands (Malaysia), Korea, Northern parts of India and Japan, and the central regions of China including Beijing are considered to have the worst weather during winter. These areas are very cold and rainy and in case you want to visit, ensure to have an umbrella and a parka. Now, to those who love the winter, this article features some of the best cities to visit in Asia during the season.

  1. Harbin (The Ice City)

This’s one of the cities in the world that hosts a great many ice and snow celebrations. The Harbin Ice-and-Snow Festival is one of the most popular festivals and is celebrated form 5th of January and lasts until February. The festival is now regarded as international and features the biggest ice-sculptures in the world. According to statistics, this great festival attracted about 18 million visitors and was able to generate over $4 billion (28 billion Yuan) of revenue in 2017. You can also enjoy a variety of other winter experiences in this city including watching Siberian-tigers, winter swimming, safari style, romantic sleigh-riding, and dog sledding. Hiking, snowboarding, and skiing are the common winter sports in the region.

  1. Hong Kong

Everyone would want to travel to this place during the winter holidays. The region is divided into four major areas and travelers from across the world can reach any of the areas (the Outlying-Islands, Hong-Kong Island, New-Territories, and Kowloon) through Shenzhen (in Mainland China) or the Hong-Kong airport. Temperatures in this city range from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius during winter which is ideal for many different outdoor and sightseeing activities. For instance, the place is a perfect destination for hikers and those who would want to visit the Victoria-Harbor, colorful markets, and Buddhist temples. It also includes beautiful hotels and restaurants that are known to offer one of the best Hong Kong massages throughout the region and also other wonderful services.

  1. Sapporo (Japan)

This is another wonderful city to visit during the cold season to experience things such as ice and snow. It has plenty of ski resorts and very interesting snow games that usually occurs during the snow-festival in February. In spite of its cold freezing temperatures, a lot of people are reported to go to this place in every winter to view snow coming to live. This should be one of your top destinations.

  1. Yongpyong (South Korea)

This region has plenty of features to offer for those who love great ice adventures. It’s one of the cities in S. Korea and it’s considered one of the greatest places to enjoy winter sports such as snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling, and skiing. On the slopes of Mount Balwang, you can find some lovely ski resorts. Additionally, apart from these features, the region offers some of the most popular activities such as cross country hiking and floodlit night-skiing. Just like Japan’s Sapporo City, this Korean city holds on February ice and snow festivals. Get an international driver’s license in 2 hours.

  1. Sapa (Vietnam)

This is another famous city in Asia. It’s located in Vietnam and offers great winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. It has very good temperatures during the cold season.


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