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Brings The Taste Of Traditional And Original Premium Loose Leaf Teas

In this hectic schedule of life, we rarely got a chance to spend a few minutes of relaxation, peace, and some quality time. This era of making money, getting fame, success, and so many desires like this indulge us deeply in the monotonous life and hence we miss that feeling of enjoying every bit of life somehow.

So, visit such lovely places to get closer to life with the tastiest sips of a variety of Premium Loose Leaf Teas. You can easily find numerous tea shops near your place, office, or on the way to feel the goodness of taste.

 What’s The History Behind Teas Popularity?

 There are several facts and stories that came across regarding the discovery of tea and who actually tastes the first cup of tea. However, in 206-220 AD, the widespread use of it was started by the Chinese Han Dynasty. Besides this, the journey of tea is quite long as it entered across the continents and gained a lot of popularity.

No doubt, every country has its own recipes and ways of having Premium Loose Leaf Teas.

In short, there are various methods, types, and blends of teas all over the world one can enjoy.

Retreat Yourself With The Taste Of Happiness.

To allow yourself to enjoy the taste of fresh herbal tea leaves is definitely an amazing idea. You can drink seasonal teas at any good tea shop. In Portland, there is a huge hub of tea shops where you can visit solo, with family, friends, partners to delve into the divine taste of culture, flavored teas of your choice.

However, for the quality taste, you need to search well for such tea shops where you get an endless array of flavors with a cozy, comfortable, and great view.

Where To Visit For The Marvelous Taste Of Tea

 From a large number of tea shops, some of them are unbeatable. And if talking about the entire world’s tea shops, then it’s quite tough to give you exact data on this. One can witness the supreme quality taste of the teas in many countries. While for the authentic taste you can try world-famous teas of Sri Lankan, India, Portland, Turkey, Morocco, China, etc

And must say, if you are a traveler and a great lover of tea then go far, go long to explore the taste of a variety of teas.

An Overview Of The Tea

 You can say that the tea varieties seem like a Rainbow. In every corner of the world, its types, variations, taste, recipes are like a huge array.

Generally, the most common and well-known types are:

  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • White tea
  • Red tea
  • Oolong tea
  • Pu-erh tea
  • Flavored tea

While to upsurge the taste and bring high-quality tea there comes another category of blends that offer flavor consistency.  And also, you can try some healthy infusions and tisanes by the specialists.

Every tea founder or maker has their own experiences, interests, and ways of preparing it. Learning the complex history of tea to create every step of recipes is not as simple though. It’s an art and emotion, which needs love and care to ignite that wow taste for the people.

Wrapping it Up

  • Holding a cute little cup of tea,
  • Sitting with someone special, friends, family, and sometimes just me.
  • A cozy chair, soothing music, and an amazing view,
  • What else do you need now?
  • When you sip magic of peace from a cute little cup of tea!

 No one denies the fact of the marvelous taste of different Premium Loose Leaf Teas

along with its super healthy benefits. Sipping seasonal, flavored, freshest, or any herbal tea gives that ease of relaxation which makes you forget your entire hectic schedule.

To find such a beautiful place where varieties of tea are prepared, you can visit or order any authentic cup of tea from Tea Chai Té that has over 120 high-quality teas for its customers. Tea Chai Té creates original recipes as they believe in providing health-conscious & eco-friendly tea. You can visit their website and check out the seasonal teas, teas from scratch, including bubble teas and chai blends, and also offer complete freedom to have your own drink made the way you like it. You can catch them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Go to their posts and pages for tips, raves, and insights from the teatenders.

Tea Chai Te carries so many great original tea blends for you just to touch many lives and connect people.  So, pick up a cup of solitude by visiting their cute little tea shops. And for sure, you’ll find the right tea for you that lets you be free to just BE.

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