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Busy Women’s Key to Finding The Right Companion

Getting married has nothing to do with whether you are a career woman or not. It is a personal choice. Making this choice does not mean that you need someone to rescue you, but simply that you are an independent woman who is now ready to share her amazing life experiences with a companion. It is important to find someone who understands this about your life. Sure, factors like his  personality may be important but the buck does not stop there. 

You have to make sure that you are on the same page about – 

Financial responsibilities

Talk about any loans either of you may have taken or intend to take in the future. Also, if there are any investments or savings that you both might have must be talked about. This will give you an idea of the financial status both of you will have as a couple.

Chores in the house

According to a Time Use Survey conducted by the National Statistical Office, 70.9% of the men were engaged in paid work in comparison to 21.8% of women from the age of 15-59. It’s time to change this by discussing in advance how house work can be distributed equally. Whether it is someone you met through online matchmaking or through friends, this is an important topic to discuss.

Having children

There are some women who want many kinds, some want one and some want none. As a working woman, it is best to lay all your cards on the table about your preferences. Fewer the surprises, better the chances of leading a happier life.

Future career goals 

You each make the other feel supported in every goal you wish to achieve, be it career goals or relationship goals. Be an inspiration for your spouse or become a power couple together, it is your choice. But make sure these choices are talked about in advance to avoid resentments and jealous behaviours in the future.

Apart from these, there are some important qualities you have to look out for in your search for the right man so that you can have it all – career and a healthy matrimonial relationship.

1. He believes in you

There is no doubt in his mind that you are meant for greater things and will support you to make your dreams come true. This should be a mutual feeling of course.

2. He pushes you to achieve your career goals

There are times when a task goal seems unattainable. Instead of settling for someone who would probably say, ‘Better luck next time,’ find someone who would rather say, ‘Do not give up. You can do it.’ As a career woman, it is important to have someone who understands exactly how important your professional life is.

3. He encourages you to become a better version of yourself

You plan on running a marathon for 2 kilometres and settle. But what if you had a partner who would encourage you to run a 5 kilometres race instead? You would definitely feel better about yourself.

4. He sees you as an equal

This is very important in a marriage. It means that he will trust your judgement and will seek your suggestions when he hits a roadblock in his personal or professional life. You will live a life where you do not need his permission to do anything you like.

5. He supports you when you are having a bad day 

He will be your own personal cheerleader and if you are ever having a tough day at work then you will always be able to rely on him to cheer you on. No questions asked!

6. He celebrates your successes

Remember when Amitabh Bachchan got jealous of Jaya Bachchan being more successful than him in Abhimaan? Those are incidents you don’t want to see in your own life. Be with a man who is secure in his own life and is happy to revel in your success making you feel even better about yourself. Because at the end of the day all you want to sing is, tere mere milan ki ye raina.

Hope you feel a little enlightened and excited about finding a partner for yourself. One of the easiest and direct ways to find someone is through online matchmaking. Keep the above points in mind when you meet your potential match.

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