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Can Stage 2 Breast Cancer Be Treated Successfully

There is no surprise to see a person diagnosed with a stage 2 breast cancer. This stage cancer has tumors from 2 to 5 cm in diameter but may have or may not have spread to lymph nodes. For the best treatment, the combination of surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatment is recommended depending on the patient’s situation.

In a situation where the tumor is reported estrogen receptor positive, at this stage hormonal therapy is usually preferred for over 5 to 10 years. On the other hand, patients with postmenopausal, bisphosphonate therapy are recommended a this definitely reduce the risk of recurrence.

As per a Breast Cancer Doctor, even stage 2 breast cancer can be treated successfully with proper medication, surgery, and checkups. Expert doctor reveals that this stage cancer affects nearby areas of lymph nodes and even considered as metastatic. This cancer basically has four to five stages based on the complexity of the disease.

Stage 0 cancer is not considered as an invasion as at this stage it is not spread to other areas. On the other hand, stage 1 to stage 4 breast cancer is invasive that means these stages of cancer have the potential to spread and have passed through the basement membrane.


Among such stages, stage 4 cancer is considered as metastatic breast cancer is the most advanced one. The stages of this cancer depend on the size of the tumor. The treatment of this cancer means to visit the cancer specialist hospital and get cancer diagnosed.

The expert oncology will perform the diagnosis and will provide details on the complete analysis of this cancer and will suggest the possible treatment options. For this cancer treatment, you can choose from the different types of treatment based on the stage of cancer such as:

Local treatment: This is the primary treatment choice where it includes a lumpectomy or a mastectomy followed by radiation treatment on the chest wall or breast. In this treatment, if the radiation is recommended, then this will definitely have an effect on the timing of the breast reconstruction.

Systematic treatment: This treatment is followed by a series of therapies options and affects the cells of the entire body. This is the best way to prevent any recurrence of cancer after the treatment. The treatment also depends on factors like the patient’s age, hormone receptor status, general health, lymph node involvement, and HER2 testing results. In this treatment, a patient may be given chemotherapy. Hormonal therapy that may include an aromatase inhibitor, tamoxifen or HER2 targeted therapy as Herceptin.

Neoadjuvant treatment: If the tumor is of big size, the effective treatment is lumpectomy. In addition, patients also prefer breast-conserving surgery that also has an effect based on the individual patient cancer complexity.

All these cancer treatments definitely help to cure the 2 stages of breast cancer. Just look for the best cancer hospital and get the treatment with a Cancer specialist in Delhi that can help you to enjoy life once again. We know that survival rate does not mean how long you will live; it helps to know how many people will survive beyond the prescribed time.



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