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Ceramic vs. Porcelain – A Quick Guide

When remodeling your house flooring you will get an array of tile choices to select. One of the most challenging tasks will be identifying the right choice between ceramic and porcelain tiles. Their wide series of applications may entangle you when choosing between them for your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or any other area.

Ceramic vs. Porcelain – A Quick Guide for your upcoming house tile remodeling project

A house is the biggest investment. You will always want your investment last long and perform as good as possible. And, for this, your house requires timely remodeling. Give your old wood flooring a new look with classy tiles. You may not have any tile experience; so reach out to a reputable flooring tile company that will help you identify which type of tiles will go the best with your house; ceramic or porcelain.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are subjected to ceramic. Porcelain is a bit different than ceramic floor tile. You can, moreover, make your purchase considering a few basic features about both.

  • Manufacturing, Size, and Design Matter

Ceramic tiles have limited color options. Red and brown are the most usual body colors in ceramic tiles. On the contrary, you will find various colors and types in the category of porcelain tiles.

The color body of a tile is the most important option to consider when purchasing. And, the main body color of porcelain tile goes with the upper-side pattern. Buying them is valuable since the damages up to a certain limit are less noticeable as they blend in the pattern. With a standard brown or red ceramic tile, cracks and damages can be noticed very clearly, and the replacement of a single tile is not easy.

Porcelain tiles come with more variations in terms of design and size. They are easy to cut; can be cut small or used over-sized with no risk of breakage. However, many leading flooring tile manufacturers have ceramic tiles to offer in various different shapes like hexagon, herringbone, arabesque, and more. Both type of tiles; ceramic and porcelain, are available in various design and look.

  • Durability

The ceramic tile floor is durable enough for residential use. Use it at the areas where you will be having a fair amount of foot traffic. It is not at all recommendable for outdoor installation. Ceramic tiles are a perfect suit for the low-cost indoor application.

The manufacturing of porcelain is different. It is a durable option for residential flooring. Porcelain tiles are heated in high temperature and pressed hard; this process makes it more hard-wearing and long-lasting for the areas that usually have heavy foot traffic.

  • Density

The ease of cutting a tile depends on its density. Ceramic tile is easy to cut since it is less dense. If you are taking your tile updating task as a DIY project, ceramic is advisable since it is easy to cut manually with the help of a tile cutter or a saw.

On the contrary, porcelain tile is delicate and will require professional and highly experienced tile setter to shape it right.

  • Expenditure

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in different sizes, quality, color, and image. The price range will depend on what you are choosing.

In general, porcelain tiles are costlier than ceramic. So, if the price is your key point to focus on, consider to meet up the reputable ceramic flooring tile suppliers.

  • Right Place to Fix

You will get different suggestions depending on who you ask and the area your house is located. Some people may suggest you for porcelain tile flooring for the exterior area of your house, whereas some would suggest other materials like concrete, quarry tiles, or stone.

Well, porcelain tiles are suitable for interior as well as exterior area, but ceramics are definitely not. The key thing you should remember is never to use ceramic tiles for outdoors flooring. They are not durable to withstand the change of nature. Like for example, ceramic absorbs far too much water, so if you live in a freezing area ceramics are likely to discover cracks during the initial freeze-thaw cycle. However, ExoTiles wall tiles often come in ceramics among other materials. Ceramic tiles are naturally smooth and non-porous, meaning they are easy to clean and making them perfect in those high mess areas like kitchen walls.

Above treated are a few basic considerations you should keep in mind when making the decision of buying ceramic or porcelain tiles for your house tile remodeling project. Your choice should depend on many more factors.

Moreover, when sitting down with one of the best tile suppliers to make your decision, just keep in mind that both – ceramic and porcelain – are produced with their own qualities. Porcelains are more durable, but ceramics are easy to cut and fix.

Whatever option you may choose, whether ceramic or porcelain, buy your choice from one of the best flooring tiles manufacturers & supplires in Canada such as, or that can with assurance meet all your requirements and wishes.

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