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Cooking The Perfect Coffee: 10 Valuable Tips And Benefits Of Consuming Coffee

We have prepared for you 10 life hacking, how to make an invigorating drink even tastier.

  1. Water

For making coffee is not suitable boiled water and water from the tap. You can take filtered or bottled. Cool it. Then, slowly heating up, the water absorbs more taste from the grains.


  1. Coffee

The coffee beans, ground right before cooking, will reveal the aroma and taste of the drink. An open packet of ground coffee will lose its flavor in a week. Depending on the country of origin, coffee has different flavors and aromatic shades. The stronger the grains are roasted, the more bitter and stronger the drink will be. You can choose several varieties and options for roasting and make your own mix. The main thing is to ensure that your coffee is of excellent quality. COFFEELIFIOUS helps to find more tips on preparing coffee.

If you bought a lot of coffee beans at once, divide them into pieces. Each should have as much coffee as you drink in a week. Store one piece in the kitchen in a ceramic or opaque glass jar with a tight lid. Lay the rest in hermetically sealed opaque bags — one piece each. Store them in the freezer.

Reach a new batch of coffee in advance so that it warms to room temperature before cooking. Freezing allows you to keep the taste and aroma of the grains for two months. But in the refrigerator grain is better not to keep. They can dampen and absorb foreign odors.


  1. Grinding

If you are making coffee in Turk, a very fine grinding (almost like flour) will do. Particles slightly larger can be used for making espresso in a coffee machine. Middle grinding is good for geyser coffee maker. Coarse grinding is used in french presses. If for the same method to take coffee of a different grinding, then taste and aroma of a drink will be different. Experiment and select the one that best suits you. Or maybe it will be several options  in the mood.

  1. Turk

Turk is an ideal container for brewing coffee. There are copper, steel, ceramic, in one or several cups, with one or two nozzles. There are Turks cylindrical, with straight walls, and conical. The latter is more convenient to use. The wide bottom allows the drink to heat up faster, and a narrow neck helps to preserve the coffee aroma. By size, pick up a Turk a little more than the desired amount of coffee, then the foam will not run away to the stove.

  1. Salt

Salt allows the drink to open up, enhances the aroma and taste. A Turk needs only a few very coarse crystals.

  1. Ginger

Good for ground ginger coffee. You need to add it to freshly ground grains, before you pour water into the Turk.

  1. Other spices

In addition to ginger, cinnamon, anise, cardamom, pepper can be added to coffee during cooking. An interesting taste will give the drink a slice of lemon or orange peel. All spices are added to the cooking pot. Lemon or zest is placed after cooking, already in the cup.

  1. Brown sugar

Sugar slightly reduces the strength of coffee. It is better if it is brown sugar. Determine the number yourself, according to taste.

  1. Cooking

Per 100 ml of water you need about 8 g of coffee. Grind the coffee beans. Pour the powder into the Turk. If you want to add salt or spices, do it now. Fill with cold clear water to the place of constriction of the Turks. Put on a small fire. Do not hurry. The slower and calmer the brewing process is, the richer the drink will turn out.

Wait for the moment when the coffee starts to rise, and remove the Turk from the fire. Leave it for about 30 seconds, return to the stove. The liquid should rise three times. Make sure that the coffee does not boil. It is important to remove the Turk from the fire at the moment when the foam starts to rise. If she escapes, much of the fragrance will disappear. Therefore, do not leave the kitchen anywhere and do not be distracted.

  1. Complete the process.

Removing coffee from the stove for the third time, leave it to breathe a minute. If you want to stir the drink so that the slurry sinks to the bottom and the liquid in the cup is cleaner, do it now. Freshly prepared coffee is ideally suited for 10 free minutes to relax and enjoy the result.

Benefits Of Consuming Coffee

Coffee is drunk daily around the world. But as often happens in life, enjoying something, we ask ourselves the question: is it useful for us? Scientific studies of recent years have revealed interesting evidence of the beneficial effects of coffee on human health. The natural vegetable origin of coffee naturally leads to the assumption that it contains components of the protective properties that protect against diseases. Studies have shown that moderate consumption of coffee, 4 to 5 cups per day, does not adversely affect the state of a healthy person; on the contrary, its effect may be of a certain positive nature.

The fact that coffee enhances attentiveness and reduces fatigue is widely known and repeatedly confirmed by research results.

There is more and more scientific evidence that coffee is able to protect against the onset of type 2 diabetes, liver diseases such as cancer and cirrhosis, Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine reduces the symptoms of the latter disease, it also protects nerve cells. In addition, it helps to cope with asthma attacks.

Coffee contains a large amount of antioxidants. They prevent or slow down the occurrence of diseases associated with the aging process, which in turn helps to improve the quality of life.

Coffee cheers

Coffee naturally contains caffeine, which – and this is confirmed by research – increases attention and has a positive effect on mood.

Stay awake

Caffeine increases the ability to concentrate when performing complex tasks. Its stimulating effect lasts for several hours, depending on the amount of caffeine consumed and on the metabolic processes in the body of the person who drinks coffee.

Energy for work and study

Studies have shown that caffeine is an effective way to improve performance and increase the attention of an adult healthy person. A moderate amount of caffeine will invigorate you and improve your mood.

Benefits of coffee breaks

Coffee break allows you to switch and take a break from work or study for a while. This is a great opportunity for companionship, which gives strength and work becomes easier.

Take a break!

A people need to take breaks after every hour and a half of continuous work. Lunch breaks and coffee breaks structure the work day and allow you to increase efficiency.

If you drink coffee, the invigorating effect and the improvement of your mood are guaranteed.


Caffeine is a natural stimulant. The world consumes a large amount of coffee and coffee is one of the most carefully studied foods.


As a plant product, coffee contains large amounts of antioxidants. It also contains a lot of potassium and magnesium.


Making coffee is a great reason to take a break from work or school. Making coffee is pleasant and it  improves mood.

Paulig Classic is a mixture of coffees from 6 different countries, selected in such a way as to satisfy the most demanding coffee lover. The quality of the coffee is checked by Paulig 7 times during the processing of the beans.

Power source

Caffeine is found in the leaves, seeds and fruits of more than 60 plants. The coffee containing a products are coffee, tea, cocoa and guarana. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will always help you stay awake.


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