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Cost-Effective Ways to Upgrade a Kitchen

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen to make it more enjoyable to spend time in or because you are selling your property, kitchen upgrades can often be done on a small budget. Even a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen will increase the selling price of your home. Here are some ideas for cost-effective kitchen revamps.

Making Order Out of Chaos

Over the years, kitchens tend to become cluttered and to be littered with unnecessary junk. This makes a poor first impression and could cost you thousands on the sale of your home. The quickest and cheapest kitchen makeover starts with getting rid of all the stuff that has accumulated and doing a thorough clean to eliminate odours and oil stains. Use drawer organisers to maximise your packing space. Movable items can be rearranged to make the most of the kitchen’s dimensions. A fresh coat of paint will add the finishing touch.

Your kitchen should have an overall theme, such as country kitchen or modern kitchen. Keep clutter off counters and shelves. Purchase items that enhance the décor and mesh with your chosen theme. Look for suitable, themed lighting and stylish taps.

Uplift the Flooring

Nothing sets the tone in a kitchen like the flooring. Tiles can lighten the space and make it look more modern. A polished wooden floor will go well with a country-based theme. Choose your flooring materials from the range of options available nowadays.

Paint or Wallpaper

There are so many choices when it comes to the walls of your kitchens. Should they all be upgraded in the same manner, or should you use different colours? Is paint or wallpaper the best way to go? What colours will match the rest of the room and create the type of environment that you want to portray? Always use samples to test in your kitchen to ensure the shade is right. Floor protection is essential to protect your flooring during the upgrade project.


The best light to permeate a room is natural light. Do your windows permit enough light from outside to penetrate the interior or is the room dark and dreary? There is nothing like sunlight to bring warmth and cheer into a kitchen. Avoid heavy curtains and full blinds that diminish the natural light.


Glossier paint can increase the effects of natural lighting. Reflective surfaces on counters and appliances will enhance this effect. If you have room for a fairly large mirror, this will make the room appear lighter and airier. Create a reflective gleam with ceramic tiles that have a high gloss factor to them. Ceramic flooring will add to the other aspects. Other good alternatives are high-gloss vinyl or a wood that is lightly stained or natural in light-coloured wood.

A dark kitchen creates a melancholy mood. As people tend to spend a lot of time in their kitchens, this is not a good idea. Allow plenty of space around objects to allow light to flow more easily. Open shelving and light tiles will reduce any feelings of heaviness.

You can give your kitchen a whole new look without spending a lot of money.

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