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Difference between Total Gym 1400 and 1900 (2020)

Total Gym is a brand from California that most of us have heard of. Supervising fitness training equipment the company has maintained an untouched name in the business.

Their machines and equipment are used in several fields such as physical therapy clinics, hospitals, health clubs, home gyms, fitness studios, etc. and this explains the worth of their products.

But why did we suddenly zero in all our attention on this particular brand? Well, that is because we are going to talk about the two most popular training machines from this brand, the Total Gym 1400 and 1900.

We will be going one by one and talking in detail about these machines. So, here is the first one:

Total Gym 1400

CC: Wallmart

The total gym 1400 is one such product from the brand with which it debuted in infomercials. The advertisement was a great success and they ended up selling millions of such training equipment.

These kinds of machines have an advantage over the other because you do not need to buy weight plates or dumbbells and spend extra money. Your bodyweight does the job of acting as a resistance and this is the basic idea behind the working of it.

The user uses the pulley system to draw force and makes his body acts as resistance. But, that does not mean that the resistance you will be acting against cannot be adjusted.

To adjust the resistance, you need to adjust the base. The features of this model from the Total Gym is as follows:

  • Level of resistance: This particular machine offers eight different settings or levels of resistance to choose from. Note that the lower the level, the easier it is to pull and vice-versa. With more high-end options the choice of level increases but for this one, it is limited to 8. In our opinion, this is adequate for most of us.
  • Weight capacity: Weight capacity is one feature that greatly affects the pricing of equipment. In this case, the weight capacity is 250 lbs which are quite less but considering the price you are paying for such good quality products you can`t really complain. Hence, one who lies within this weight range can go for this.
  • Versatility: Considering these to be all-in-one training equipment you should be able to do various kinds of exercises with just one piece of equipment. With the Total Gym 1400, you can change amongst some 60 exercises to work upon your lower body, upper body, and core strength.
  • Assembly: With a lot of gym equipment you need to assemble them before you shift it in your home gym and that takes at least an hour. But with, Total Gym 1400 there is no such hassle. The machine comes fully assembled and ready to use.
  • Affordability: With a price range of around $300 this is one of the most affordable total gyms available in the market. For a beginner, this can be the perfect pick.
  • People withing the age group of 8 to 80 can use it.
  • Delivers a total body workout in just 10-20 minutes.

Total Gym 1900

CC: Wallmart

There can be various reasons as to why you want to set up your gym. Maybe you are tired of visiting the gym every day or want to exercise in solitude. Whatever the reason be, these training machines from Total Gym are going to be all that you need.

Talking about the Total Gym 1900 and its designing we have to say that it is a little difficult to explain. Nevertheless, there are three main components- a base, a stand, and a sliding board.

With every workout, the sliding board goes up and down. Alike the previous one, your body weight combined with the gravity acts as a source of resistance and can be adjusted by the height of the footboard.

Some of the other features that one could find in the Total Gym 1900 are:

  • Storage: To begin with, the dimensions of the machine are 92.5 inches in length, 16 inches in width and 43.2 inches in height. When starting with a home gym, they say you need to have an ample amount of space. With this one, the length can be a little problem but the height and width are perfectly fine. However, in a decent amount of space, it shouldn’t be a problem. The machine can be easily folded when not in use.
  • Assembly: Like the 1400 model, this one too comes completely assembled. So, no more asking for a helping hand, getting together the tools needed but just a ready set up to start your exercising with.
  • Overall weight: The overall weight of the package is under 100 pounds. 79 pounds to be particular. Hence, if you wish to change the location of your home gym inside of the house it won’t be a problem since the assemble package is lightweight.
  • Levels of resistance: As mentioned earlier, the level of resistance decides the pricing of the machine. Being an upgraded model, it has 12 levels of resistance, 4 more than the previous one.
  • The package comes with a pilates bar, footpads, armrest, and leg harness apart from the assembled machine which helps you perform a full-body workout.
  • Weight capacity: The maximum user weight capacity of the Total Gym 1900 is around 350 pounds which is quite good in comparison to the other models from Total Gym.


This was our take on the two models-1400 and 1900 from the Total Gym Fitness brand. With this article, we aimed at giving you a short but helpful insight into the working, features and specifications of the strengthening machines.

But, we do know that our readers love covering up the complete perimeter of a topic hence, we have this article from Fit Territory which will tell you about the differences between the two and help clear up the clouds to buy the perfect machine for your home gym. I hope this article has been helpful.

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