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Different Kinds of Carports and Its Specific Uses

One can easily get confused between a carport and a garage, and it is understandable since these two have very slight differences. You have to know, however, that these differences are significant. For one, carports are essential in countries and areas where it’s impossible to have a garage due to limitations in space, problems with snow, and affordability. Carports, in these cases, have a sole purpose — protecting vehicles.

With this fact, you may ask how a carport is different from a garage? That is easy; a standard garage is one that is attached to an existing building or house. Carports, on the other hand, are two-walled. They can be unattached to any structure or attached to a wall. Aside from this, the essential thing about carports is that it can still be used even if you have an existing garage. If you have more than one or two cars, a carport alongside a garage efficiently ensures that all your vehicles are sufficiently protected.

What Are Carports?

Carports are structures that usually have a roof and four sturdy legs, typically found outside the house. Some carports have a wall on four sides. These carports have different types and functions, all of which can be modified according to necessity. They can be small, medium, or large, too.

How To Choose The Right Carports For Your Outdoor Space

Lately, carports have become more popular among homeowners. Because of their availability, functionality, and accessibility, they became such a big hit. They can help you make the most out of outdoor space while also revamping the look of your residential structure and extending the life of your vehicles.

As you already know, your car still needs protection, even if it is not in use and is merely sitting idly in your front yard. Thieves, bird droppings, and weather elements can damage the functionality and look of your car. With carports, you can sufficiently shield your vehicle from these real and imminent threats, while also allowing your vehicle to extend its lifespan. If you are still on board that decision boat as to what carport roof design is right for you, here are some designs, you can consider.

Gable roof

Among all the other homeowners, this is the most preferred because of the fusion of modern neatness and traditional design. This type of structure is triangular, with downward bent corners. If you live in areas where snowfall and rains are constant, you might consider this kind of construction. Studies show that houses with hip and gable types of roofs perform better during extreme winds. This means that in the face of typhoons and other calamities accompanied by strong winds, your car will remain safe and sheltered. With its ability to give the outdoor space a more polished, finished look, this structure complements most residential and commercial structures.

Flat roof

As its name suggests, this structure has a flat roof that serves the purpose of protecting any vehicle from bird droppings and weather elements. This design, however, is not advisable for those living in areas with higher snow or rainfall levels. The main reason why this is a popular option is because of its affordable price. It is easy to invest in this kind of structure.

Flemish gable

A flemish gable is just like the traditional gable roof, only with an additional sloping pediment construction. The good thing about this kind of structure is that you can enhance it to achieve a more modern look. If you are hosting evening parties, you can sit this shed out to provide an alternative venue.

The Final Takeaway

Choosing the right car shed for your cars is not a complicated task. For as long as you have options, and you know what each option offers, choosing the right shed is seamless. It is the goal of this article to provide you with such choices, so that the next time you think about carports, you know where and what to look for.


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