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Effects of Ruby Gemstone

Ruby/Manik gemstone is popularly known as ‘King of Gemstones’ and is associated with the planet Sun in our horoscope. This is one of the most powerful gemstones amongst all other gemstones.

Appearance of Ruby

This is a deep-colored gemstone having color range lying between different shades of red. It is available in different tones like from being pinkish-red to dark red.

Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

To make the best use of energized planet ‘Sun’, this deep colored gemstone is used. There are many benefits and effects of Ruby gemstone and some of them are listed below.

  • It increases concentration and visualization.
  • Provides you with good health.
  • Build your self-confidence and helps in attaining desired things.
  • It helps in removing fears and in healing depression.
  • Helps in reducing negative effects around you by making a positive energy cycle within you.
  • Also provides you with stability and success in business and career.

Ruby gemstone’s respective Zodiac

Ruby works as a birthstone for Leo ascendants [July 23 – August 22]. It benefits a Leo by pulling out the person from the web of confusion and by creating a protective layer around him. It benefits the wearer by helping him in his career and provides with good health.

How to wear a Ruby

To reap the full benefits of wearing a gemstone make sure it is worn in a proper way. Each gemstone has its own way which should be followed to get positive results from it. Before wearing the Ruby gemstone, it should be washed with Ganga-jal and Surya mantra should be recited 108 times. Right metal to be used with which ruby can be worn is either gold or copper and should be worn in ring finger on Sunday. After wearing this gemstone, donate red lentils to needy people and pour water to Sun every day. Also, pour leftover Ganga-jal in some plants or in running stream.

Gemstones are widely accepted by people and they have a lot of faith in them too. Famous personalities like Salman khan, Amitabh Bachchan and many more are seen wearing gemstones. Ekta Kapoor is seen flaunting ruby many times.

To get proper benefits from a gemstones make sure that it is a natural and certified one. Because of their increased demand in market, their supply has tremendously increased which had given way to fake gemstones in the market. Many suppliers and dealers sell fake gemstones for their profit and it is very difficult to differentiate between the fake and real ones. Make sure that you don’t end up buying fake gemstones. Also get proper astrological recommendation before wearing any gemstone. Gemkart looks up to all your requirements and serve you with best quality gemstones at very genuine prices.

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