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Elevating Real Estate Markets: The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Real estate experts have confirmed that the Dubai real estate market is undergoing a significant tide in integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence. This emergent trend has undeniably transformed into a fiercely competitive domain for numerous companies within the industry. Remarkably, Dubai has spearheaded the development of a distinctive and unparalleled model firmly hinged on technology and modern advancements. This groundbreaking approach is a pivotal force, poised to shape the essence of the future real estate landscape.

According to insights shared with “Emirates Today,” real estate experts explained that implementing artificial intelligence technologies has been useful in seamlessly integrating digital solutions into building and construction endeavors. These developments have facilitated the realization of environmentally sustainable projects, elevated operational efficiency, and significantly bolstered overall productivity.

Now, artificial intelligence has stepped up novel opportunities for intermediaries. Simultaneously, technologies like virtual reality have empowered stakeholders to explore both present and future projects from anywhere.

The experts emphasized the transformative impact of embracing intelligent services in real estate. This paradigm shift has led to a profound redefinition of conventional notions and introduced novel services pertinent to real estate management and buying and selling transactions.

The experts emphasized the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing real estate management. Advanced AI technologies have significantly enhanced the monitoring and supervision of various properties and their units, allowing for remote and precise assessments of maintenance needs. That has been made possible by establishing comprehensive databases, which facilitate swift and efficient delivery of maintenance services for real estate facilities.

Unique model

Frank Vitto, CEO of Starling Properties Dubai, said, “Dubai pioneered developing a unique model in relying on technology and modern technologies. Including artificial intelligence and (Block Chain) technology, which contribute to shaping the future of the real estate industry.”

He mentioned, “These digital technologies helps to accomplish more environmentally friendly real estate projects. As well as improving operational efficiency and enhancing productivity through the real estate life cycle. That enhances competitiveness in the real estate sector.”

Frank said, “By allowing dealers to browse current and future projects and access them anywhere worldwide.”

Competitive field

Frank said, “The real estate market is currently witnessing an expansion in the adoption of artificial intelligence in various fields. That has made it a new competitive field for companies operating in the markets. He points out that artificial intelligence technologies allow New additional services, facilitating the services provided in the real estate sector.

  • Prominent uses of artificial intelligence in real estate management:
  • Monitoring units efficiently and accurately.
  • Remote assessment of building maintenance requirements.
  • Establishment of databases for quick maintenance service delivery.
  • Screens for real estate companies to track unit requirements.
  • Smart screens for tenants and landlords to communicate requirements 24/7.

He continued, “It is expected that the markets will witness an expansion in the pace of its use in real estate fields during the coming periods.”

Smart services

In turn, the real estate expert and head of the “Starling Properties Company”. He said, “Especially with the expansion of many companies adopting these technologies. In addition to changing consumer attitudes. Through the search for real estate units with smart services, especially with the fact that smart technologies support most luxury properties.

Advanced performance

According to Frank Vitto: “Dubai has established itself as the capital of the digital economy. A global center in creating transformative business models and advanced technological concepts. Employing and adopting them in various vital sectors that affect the lives of individuals.

Frank added that “artificial intelligence applications have become pivotal in collecting data related to purchasing patterns. Also, providing direct access for customers to financing services enables them to make informed decisions. Especially regarding real estate investment,” the adoption of modern technologies has become an urgent necessity.” For companies seeking to maintain their competitiveness in the market.

He mentioned that the authorities concerned with the real estate sector in Dubai focus their attention on modern technologies. As is the case in all sectors, “months ago, this (momentary sale) feature was launched. That uses artificial intelligence in the real estate sector.” He said that this enhances confidence and transparency among dealers. And the Department of Lands and Properties in the emirate.

Buying and selling

  • Real estate expert Frank Vitto highlights the profound impact of artificial intelligence in Dubai’s real estate sector.
  • AI streamlined buying and selling processes, enabling efficient market analysis and strategic planning for projects.
  • Market research made easier, determining rental rates, property types, and profitable investment opportunities.
  • Dubai stands as a pioneering force, integrating AI in property management, analysis, and enhancing search experiences.
  • Overall, AI has revolutionized the real estate landscape, optimizing operations and driving greater profitability.

He out that “This era of artificial tecnlogies facilitatating the registration of real estate in the buying and selling operations. That is done through data that shortens a lot of time. It will affect the real estate market positively in terms of development and success.”

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