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Engagement ring: Should it be a surprise

It’s obvious; Jules is the man of your life! And without being sure, you still feel that it may well be that Jules also thinks that you are the woman of his life … And you are right, because he is about to ask your hand! Only here, do you trust enough Jules not to infuse your preferences in jewelry?

After several years together, your companion has finally identified your tastes and can now recognize your favorite flowers and chocolates. The more time passes, the better Jules knows you! It ensures every surprise, false notes are counted on the fingers of one hand, in short you have a blind faith in his choices to satisfy you! In this case, you will have no problem letting him choose your engagement ring alone, and alliances afterwards. GOLD OF THE WORLD accompanies the bride and groom in search of the perfect ring. Depending on your tastes the jeweler will propose different models, all more sublime of each other. It’s up to him to make the right choice!

If you have some doubts about his perfect knowledge of your tastes, then you can try to put your loved ones in the shot, in all discretion, of course. Your friends in common can pass some subliminal messages to Jules to try to lead him on the right path. On the other hand, if you have no hope and you already know that your future husband will not be able to choose a ring that you like; there are several alternatives available to you.

You can redouble subterfuges for him to learn and RETIENNE your tastes! Small sprain of the foot in front of the Midwest Jewelry, “oh my darling, look how beautiful this ring is! And Jules, who looks at you suspiciously. Out of breath, tired, you have to catch your breath, a little stop in this ethical and ecological shop will be welcome!

You prepare your shot and you wander on the website to give some ideas to Jules when you come across the ring of your dreams. Neither one nor two, you start a trick that should give him tracks “Oh look at this ring! She needs advice to choose the ring of his girlfriend, this one is hot, do not you think? And in addition, you can engrave it by hand! It is hoped that the message will pass like a letter to the post office.

Be assured that after a lot of stratagems, Jules will define, accurately and without error,  the ring you dream to wear  !

If he is not sure of his choice, Jules can also turn to the substitute ring! Only if Jules is absolutely willing to apply with a ring but without risk taking.

Another alternative (the most coveted e): choosing the ring for two! No surprise ora half-surprise  if Jules lets you choose the stone and takes care of the mount and other details. And if we still have doubts about the purpose of the choice of Jules, we do a lot of tracking with him so that he assimilates our tastes.

We can also try several models with him and if you cannot choose among your 3 favorites, let Jules select it for you. There will be a small share of unforeseen! Finally, you can choose the model both; take the time to talk about it, to try it, to draw it together if you want to realize it to measure. For that, go to specialized jewelry!  Makesjewelry created from natural and noble materials that make each creation exceptional.

Now, if you want to let Jules surprise you or not! On the other hand … if it really decided to take the lead without you being sure for a moment, you will have no choice but to be surprised!

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