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Essential Things You Need to Know About Derby Shoes

Most people confuse Derby shoes with Oxford shoes. Though they look alike, their difference is in the space between their respective eyelet tab. Just look at the leather strips found on the shoe tongue sides with holes that are punched through.

If these strips are sewn shut down to the bottom, that is a pair of Oxfords. If the leather strips flap open when you untie your laces, then that is a pair of men’s or women’s derby shoes. Though the difference is subtle, they can differentiate one from the other.

Different Types Of Derbies

Derbies may be old, but its simplicity made it a classic. There are collectors of this pair of shoes, and the reason why they are collecting them is that it is practical and aesthetically pleasant. When it comes to derby shoes, you will be amazed to know that there are five different types. Regardless if it is men or women Derbies, these shoes are categorised according to the following types.

  • Classic Derbies: They are simple, plain-looking leather shoes that are easy to care and clean. The main characteristics of classic Derbies include slim, sleek style with little stitch detailing.
  • Chunky Derbies: The best way to describe this type of Derby shoes is — “smart shoes for dressing down.” They usually have thick soles and exaggerated proportions that help create a rebellious and fun vibe.
  • Brogues: Otherwise known as “wingtips,” this type of Derbies has punched holes that give informal vibes. They are best for casual styles. They sometimes become too detailed, giving them a unique look.
  • Derby boots: These low-profile shoes look more rugged, making them best for outdoor or factory use. With its open-laced construction, this pair of Derbies will surely bring comfort and style to its wearer no matter where he is heading.
  • Smart Derbies: True to its name, this pair of Derbies are best for suits or formal outfits. This type of women’s derby shoes gives off that androgynous vibe that spells smart, classy, and quirky.

How To Wear Your Derbies With a Formal And Smart Casual Attire

If you are wondering how you can rock your Derbies to a formal event, think utilitarian. Even if the said formal event surprisingly makes you march through mud, your footwear will get you through it unscathed, and with class. Go for Derbies made with “hardworking fabric” like denim. This fabric will work well with jeans and trucker jackets. They will look good in chinos and trench coats, too. If you are eyeing for a more “smart-casual” look, go for Suede Derbies. This type of Derby shoes will surely look more relaxed and fun than its leather alternatives. This will also look good in anything with heavy-duty and contrast sole.

How To Wear Your Derbies In a Less Formal Setting

If you are trying to aim for a more casual look, you can don your Derby anywhere. Though they are not ideal for gym use, you can use them to stroll at the park, sight-seeing around town, or visit a museum at night. If you plan on tramping around, your Derbies will be more comfortable to wear than a pair of Oxfords. Its chunkier sole and looser lacing give it more flexibility and comfort.

As they would put it, there are plenty of ways to kill a cat. Surely, there are plenty of ways to rock your Derbies. If you still haven’t found the perfect pair, make sure to shop for one today.

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Alice Churchill
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