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Everything You Need to Know About IV Therapy Dubai

IV therapy is a simple technique for providing the body with required medications and fluid. IV herein stands for intravenous which means administered through the veins. The fluid containing minerals and vitamins or any other medications are delivered through an IV drip, or an injection put into the vein, which allows the therapy to get quickly to the bloodstream. IV therapy in Dubai has received great popularity. There are now different hospitals and clinics to offer a variety of IV therapies to help the patients. They are mostly used for getting relief from the symptoms related to conditions like cold, morning sickness, flu, and hangovers.

Despite the popularity, some people have no idea about the treatment. So here check out the vital details about IV therapy. This will assure you make the right decision.

Types of IV therapy

The most common types of IV therapy treatment include.

  • Vitamin C IV therapy

This therapy helps boost the immune response and protects the body from future illness. It works by increasing reducing oxidative stress of the body and boosting the energy level. In simple words, the therapy can help a person increase the overall energy production and get a better immune system.

  • Glutathione IV therapy

The therapy can help reduce any aging symptoms by decreasing the oxidative stress in the body. Besides, this treatment is also helpful in relieving symptoms associated with chronic conditions and fatigue.

  • NAD+ IV therapy

It is a powerful IV therapy that helps optimize the aging process, neuroregeneration, and metabolic function. It works on the cellular level, which helps improve brain function and also memory capacity.

  • B12 IV therapy

The therapy is used for supplying the body with instant hydration along with the boost of vitamin b12. This does result in improved hair, skin, heart, and bone health.

  • Immunity IV therapy

The therapy is extremely beneficial in improving the overall immune system. It helps fight against the current illness and also built of protection for future issues.

  • Hangover relief IV therapy

The therapy helps get fast relief from a hangover. It works by offering hydration to the bloodstream, which is the first thing to combat dehydration associated with hangovers. Besides this, it comes with detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties that help with annoying symptoms.

  • Athletic recovery IV therapy

The therapy helps workout enthusiastic, and athletes recover fast and improve the exercise capacity. In simple words, it improves athletic performance.

 The benefit of IV therapy

There are numerous benefits one can expect from IV therapy. It is the benefits of the same that has led to a significant increase in IV therapy, Dubai demand. Here see the benefits you can expect to get from the therapy session.

  • IV therapy can help promote weight loss
  • IV therapy can be used for curing the hangover symptoms
  • IV therapy is efficient in helping the body get the required nutrients
  • IV therapy successfully cleanse the body of toxins
  • IV therapy can be used for increasing the energy level
  • IV therapy increases improve blood circulation leading to better cardiovascular health
  • IV therapy is an effective treatment for promoting relaxation

Common uses of IV therapy

Here are the following situations when you can consider taking IV therapy in Dubai.

  • An IV therapy is suitable to get relief from the hangover
  • IV therapy can be taken to improve the overall immune health
  • IV therapy is effective against cold and flu along with other uncomfortable symptoms like coughing, headache, body aches, and fever
  • IV therapy can be recommended during pregnancy to get relief from some of the symptoms like morning sickness, vomiting, etc
  • IV therapy is an effective treatment to get relief from headache and migraine

In any of the following situations, one can consider going for an IV therapy treatment. Besides this, some people also prefer taking IV therapy in Dubai to improve the skin and hair health.

IV Therapy details

IV therapy is a 100% safe procedure. When you get the right IV therapy, you can expect to see great results within minutes. If you are confused about the treatment, you can inquire from the medical professional to know which one will be perfect for your specific case.

The IV therapy includes vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and fluids at a controlled rate. It is quite a quick and simple process, the duration of which will depend entirely on the therapy you have chosen. On average, the process requires 45 minutes to an hour.

Once the treatment is done, one can start experiencing the effects of the same immediately. However, in some cases, it takes time to see the effects. The IV therapy effects can last for few days depending upon different factors like your body type or IV therapy.

Cost of IV therapy in Dubai

The cost of the therapy varies depending upon the service provider and the type of therapy you choose. It is not typically covered by the insurance, which means the patients must pay for the entire cost. On average, IV therapy in Dubai will cost you between 300 AED to 1500 AED.  But the cost will vary depending upon the service provider and the clinic you are visiting for the treatment. So make sure you find a clinic that can offer you the services at the desired rate.

Where to get IV therapy in Dubai?

There are different institutions offering IV therapy in Dubai. Some of the most common places you can consider visiting for IV therapy include urgent care centers, hospitals, medical spas, IV bars, and at home. There are some clinics that offer at-home services. However, you need to enquire well. Also, remember it might cause some extra amount.


IV therapy is an effective treatment that helps the patient have an overall boost in the immune system within minutes. It is a safe and quick step that offers great results. When looking for IV therapy in Dubai, you can consider visiting the Atelier clinic. They are a reputed center that offers a range of IV treatments. Besides, their cost of services is highly affordable. So pay the clinic a visit to get your IV therapy done.

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