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Fat Freezing: All You Need to Know About It

Body shaping and body sculpting are in-trend since the 1990s. Cosmetic procedures owe their profits to this trend. Since then, cosmetic procedures and surgeries have come a long way. Everything from liposuction to laser treatments is in demand all over the world. Technological advancements have further ensured minimal complications in these procedures. Even with all of these advancements, people are still looking for a non-surgical procedure. A cosmetic procedure that does not require any incision. A lot of research is still going on in this field, but there have already been a few achievements, and one of these achievements is fat freezing. This fat elimination procedure can eliminate fat cells from the body. There are many cosmetic procedures for fat reduction, but this is the latest technique that requires absolutely no surgical incision. This procedure has even acquired many celebrity fans all over the world. Their testimonials assure its safety and effectiveness.

What Is It?

Also known as cryogenic lipolysis, it is a technique that completely breaks down the fat cells in an area. Interestingly, this procedure was an accidental discovery. Scientist’s studies on frostbite indicated that fat cells were the first to break down before the other skin cells. This observation is the inspiration behind the procedure. Cryogenic lipolysis or cryo-lipolysis is versatile enough that the professional can concentrate on one area of fat to eliminate it. This treatment is precise and highly effective.

How Is It Done?

As the name suggests, this procedure freezes the fats to eliminate them from the body. It involves the cooling of fat cells in a region of the body to almost -11 degrees Celsius or 12.2 degrees Fahrenheit. This freezing breaks down the subcutaneous fat cells. While the fat cells are frozen, this procedure does not damage the epidermal cells. The broken-down fat cells are flushed out from the body by the liver, along with other toxins.

The fat cells are subjected to these cold temperatures for about 45 minutes; this timing is exactly right. Within this time, the fat cells are frozen to cell death, while the overlying skin cells are not subjected to frostbite. Extensive research has gone into this procedure from scientists to derive the appropriate temperature that can achieve the desired and safe results.

Does It Work?

Many celebrities around the world opt for this treatment, that is why it is so popular globally. When done by professional cosmeticians, it ensures a significant reduction of visible fat. People undergoing the treatment may notice some swelling or redness as this is normal and fades away after some time. There are other temporary side effects like numbness, soreness etc. But these are also normal as the skin is under frigid temperatures. These visible side effects will fade away, and people can notice the difference in their body shape and contour then.


Opting for fat freezing, when compared to other procedures, has many benefits,

  • The primary benefit is that there is no incision whatsoever. The individual does not have to worry about scarring or stitches.
  • Cryo-lipolysis is risk-free and does not require much post-operational care. Cosmetic professionals assure that people can return to their everyday schedule immediately.
  • This procedure is an out-patient procedure and does not require anaesthesia. It is also possible to treat many areas of fat in a single session.
  • This procedure also permanently removes fat from the body without damaging other cells or muscles in that region.
  • This procedure is safe and has government authorisation globally. People of all ages can benefit from cryogenic lipolysis and boost their self-esteem.

Cosmetic procedures for reducing fat will never go out of demand. Cryogenic lipolysis is a blessing for those who want to reduce their body fat in a non-invasive way. The risks and side-effects are minimal and temporary, making fat freezing the answer to all their fat problems.


Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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