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Great Gifts to Give on A Wedding Day

When a family member or a friend is getting married, it is a time for great celebration and joy.

As soon as you receive the invitation, you will have to start planning what to wear and how to get there and may even start wondering about where to stay. Then it hits you, you need to get them a gift! This will help to cement your friendship with them, and not cause any bitterness if they are a relative.

But what can you get them? There are thousands of ideas and of course, the perfect gift for one person may not be right for someone else. However, in this article, there are some simple ideas for great gifts to present on a family member or friend’s wedding day.


Why would you give a champagne bottle? There are many reasons!

For one, champagne is linked to the celebration and for another there are so many ways that you can personalize this gift. You can have images embossed onto the glass, you can have your friends’ names put onto the bottle, and you can even have an engraved champagne bottle with the date of the wedding. These are all great ideas and are ideal if your friends like a drop of bubbly.

Personalized Photo Album

Following personalized champagne bottles comes a personalized photo album.

There are lots of designs available online, some of which can be based more on the wedding by their cover and some that can be more focused on the life that your friends or family members are about to start together.

If you have a photo of them already, this can be placed on the front of the photo album, or even inside the front cover. You can also get photo albums that have their new married name written on the front. This idea will be popular with most married people and also adds a personal touch.

Day Experience

Are your family member or friend fans of paintballing? Or perhaps they are fans of wine? Either way, gifting an experience day is going to set your present apart from the crowd and will show them that you have really put some thought into their wedding gift.

There are thousands of day experience packages available online, so when you find the perfect one, make sure it is close to where they live, or that they can easily get to it to avoid disappointment.

Photo Session

A professional photo session for a newly married couple can be a unique and emotive gift, that allows them to capture the early stages of their married life. This is also a great idea to gift before the wedding, especially if you are also aiming to give them a personalized photo album, as it can be placed on the front page.

Canvas Print

If you are a painter or know someone who is, then why not gift a large canvas print for their home? It can be of where they first met, where they got married, or where they both want to visit in the future. Personal and a great addition to their home.

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