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Guide To Using The Dental Invisalign Braces

There are millions of individuals who wear invisible braces or traditional metal braces for purpose of straightening the setting of their teeth. A modern alternative is the dental invisalign. These modern but clear braces are popularly used for rearranging the misaligned and crooked teeth effectively. This particular modern choice for braces seems like a miracle solution for those willing to straighten their teeth discreetly. This is a guide for anyone who is contemplating to try dental invisalign braces for rectifying their teeth set up.

Guideline To Use Dental Invisalign: 

1) Dental Invisalign functioning:

The patients wear a series of plastic, clear and custom-made trays over their targeted teeth for 20 to 22 hours in a day. This would leave them with those 2-4 hours free for eating and maintaining oral hygiene as well. Each set of trays are well-designed and personalized in order to gently exert the desired pressure on the teeth in order to rearrange their positions gradually. The trays used in dental invisalign treatment are also replaced in every two to three weeks until the treatment is over.

2) Wearing time of Dental Invisalign:

Invisalign are being worn throughout the day for 20-22 hours each day. The trays are being changed in every two to three weeks in order to accommodate the tooth movement depending on the complexity of the treatment and wearing time. This is strictly evaluated by the dentist to understand the treatment progresses.

Pros – By wearing the dental Invisalign for the recommended time period every day, your teeth will certainly move as expected.

Cons – If you leave your aligners as it is for some extended periods of time, then they will feel tighter. You will also feel uncomfortable when you opt to put them back again. If you are not regularly committing wearing the dental Invisalign for the recommended hours every day, then the treatment time will certainly take longer.

3) Cleaning of the Dental Invisalign:

For maintaining the good health and hygiene of your teeth, gums and the entire mouth, you should necessarily clean the dental aligners once every day. Clean them most preferably after eating. This is considered as one of the essential parts of the dental invisalign treatment.

Pros – The advantage of keeping your aligners clean is a healthy mouth.

Cons – There are several harmful components like plaque, bacteria, stains and debris which easily accumulate unnoticeably if you fail to keep your trays clean. The dirty trays can also lead to bleeding and sore gums, tooth stains, bad breath and sore throats. Your dentist will certainly advise you on how to maintain your trays clean. There are certain mouth-cleaning liquids available in the market which can be used regularly in order to clean the stains and also to avoid any harmful residue buildup.

4) Eating while you are using Dental Invisalign:

You necessarily need to remove the trays prior to eating. Once you are done you should clean all your teeth and the trays before you place them back again.

Pros – If you are maintaining eating only 3 principal meals in a day then this can surely be facilitated a daily habit. If you are more prone to in-between meal snacking, then there can be consequences of cavities which would harm your teeth. This is because it is impossible to open the braces every time you snack. Eating healthy food and a whole meal three times a day is highly recommended while you are using dental Invisalign.

Cons – You have to be very careful about your tooth movement while biting and chewing your food.

The dental Invisalign is very useful treatment in shaping the teeth. However, it is recommended to take a very good care of the dentals while undergoing this treatment.









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