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Harley-Davidson Upgrade Tips

So you’ve bought the Harley-Davidson motorcycle of your dreams. While you may be in love with the performance and look of your bike, there’s always room for improvement. You may be surprised to learn just how customisable Harley-Davidson models can be.

If you want to enhance the look of your Harley, there are hundreds of modifications you can make with new performance parts. Even the smallest components like derby covers and fuel caps, can be enhanced with eye-catching designs like the iconic Willie G Skull.

Spending countless hours on the road with your Harley can take its toll on your comfort. Touring models often come with features to help make long rides more comfortable. If you’re still not satisfied, there’s plenty of performance parts you can switch out for a comfy upgrade like new grips and floorboard extenders.

To help you get the most out of your new Harley, we’re sharing our top picks for modification and installation upgrades. Discover how new performance parts can help improve your riding experience.

Media mounts

Gone are the days when you needed a sophisticated GPS and entertainment system built into your dashboard. Now our smartphones do all the heavy lifting for us! It’s easy to use your smartphone for tasks such as GPS navigation and hands-free calls with your helmet’s Bluetooth. Before you can take advantage of all your smartphone’s features, you must have a reliable media mount.

Media mounts are performance parts used to securely store your smartphone and other media devices on the dashboard. If you love recording footage from your rides, media mounts are also fantastic for installing video recorders on your dashboard.

Floorboard extenders

If you’re looking to enhance the comfort of your ride, look to performance parts like floorboard extenders. These accessories help to increase the amount of room your feet have to rest. They are a fantastic addition for any rider who enjoys long trips.

For the small price you pay, floorboard extenders can dramatically improve your riding experience. They can help alleviate hip, knee, and ankle stress. You’ll have more room to rest and reposition your legs and feet. Floorboard extenders can also help distance your foot away from the exhaust pipe—so there’s less chance of you burning your foot from the heat of the exhaust.

Grips and handlebars

Updating handlebars can enhance the look and feel of your ride. It’s another opportunity for you to personalise your Harley. You’ll find loads of designs available each with their own unique shapes. Choosing new handlebars is also a great opportunity to improve your riding position and handling while navigating around corners. Tall handlebars like Ape Hangers are heavily used on cruiser and chopper motorcycles to help you achieve a riding position where your hands are more elevated.

Grips for your handlebars come in a range of different sizes and materials to enhance your grip while steering. For long rides on your touring motorcycle, thick rubber or foam grips are ideal. Another feature to look out for is the pattern of your grips. Certain patterns offer more grip than others.  Some grips are purposely designed to keep your hands locked in position for enhanced control and stability.

Fuel door

Fuel doors are just one of the many parts of a motorcycle that has gone through several updates for style and usability. You’ll find several variations for your Harley that have different finishes like chrome and black. Lots of fuel doors now come with customised logos and insignia to help you modify the look of your bike.

Modern designs of fuel doors now come with features that make it easier and faster to refuel your motorbike. One of the most popular variations is the push-button fuel door. Instead of using a key for unlocking, this design enables you to access your fuel tank by the simple push of a button. Some new designs also feature LED fuel gauges that further enhance the look and functionality of your humble fuel door.


As your need for speed increases, so does the impact of headwinds on you and your Harley. Wind fatigue can be a hindrance for even the most experienced riders. That’s why most touring motorbikes come with a windshield already installed.

Windshields are designed to help deflect bugs and other debris from hitting you. Even with a helmet and full bodysuit, having a reliable windshield installed is crucial. It’s also important to consider the height and style of your windshield. Different shapes can enhance the look of your motorbike. If you’re making modifications that will change your riding position, it may be worth installing a new windshield that protects your head at a different height too.

Ready to modify your motorbike, visit Harley Heaven and discover a massive range of Harley-Davidson performance parts.


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