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Here’s Why Diwali Gift Hampers Play a Crucial Role in Keeping Our Culture Alive

Our Hindu culture is one of the most fascinating and mesmerizing religions that people worldwide admire and celebrate with great interest. Along with the vibrant clothing and remarkable ways of living, one of the most attractive features of this kind of religion is the festivals celebrated almost every other month. With so many cultures as a part of this beautiful religion, several festivals grace our lives every month with more enthusiasm and joy than the last one. In Christianity, one will find Christmas or Thanksgiving, Jews have their Hanukkah, and Muslims have their Eid that comes twice or thrice every year. Still, the Hindus find a reason to celebrate every other month with a new festival knocking on their doorsteps! There’s Holi, Lori, Rakhi, Durga Puja, and so many other festivals that make this religion even more special and intriguing. Among these exciting and promising festivals, one of the most celebrated and awaited festivals is the festival of lights- Diwali!

For those who may not be aware, Diwali or Deepawali is a Hindu festival that is celebrated across the nation, and other parts of the world, with great enthusiasm and zeal. The festival of lights is one of the most-awaited and anticipated festivals that is a part of a 5-day long celebration and falls on the third day of this year’s celebratory time. In other words, the festival of Diwali is celebrated during the Kartika Masa or month, the Hindu Lunisolar month, with oil lit diyas, Diwali decor, and sweets with friends and family.

  • Why is Diwali Celebrated?

On the Diwali festival, Hindus all over India and other parts of the world worship goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha for wealth, health, and prosperity. They offer their sincere prayers and gifts to the almighty in the hopes that they get impressed by the genuine devotion and bestow upon them wealth and happiness. This is the reason that during Diwali, every Hindu household goes through a cleaning spree to welcome the goddess Laxmi to a clean and pure home. It is believed that a clean home invites the goddess and leaves her impressed!

Another popular folklore that is widely believed to be why Diwali is celebrated is the tale of the return of Lord Rama and Sita to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. On their return, the kingdom subjects were overjoyed with happiness, and out of excitement and pure bliss on the return of the true king of the Ayodhya kingdom, they started celebrating this auspicious occasion like a festival with oil lit diyas and sweets. Since then, this bright day is celebrated as Diwali because it marks the end of the dark times and the triumph of light over darkness.

  • What is the importance of Diwali Gift Hampers?

While lighting diyas, decorating the house for the auspicious arrival of goddess Lakshmi is a significant tradition of this widely celebrated joyous festival. Another crucial practice that everyone is excited about is the ritual of visiting the homes of those near and dear and exchanging gifts.

One of the biggest reasons why festivals are an integral part of every religion is because they present their followers with the opportunity to reconnect with their roots and rekindle the faith they practice. Festivals are a beautiful reminder of your spiritual beliefs, and they are a reason to get closer to your family and loved ones. In today’s date, from a school going kid to an office going gentleman, everyone is running to catch up with their fast running lives. Everyone is running to achieve higher goals, but they unknowingly distance themselves from their roots and their families during this process. While the world is progressing rapidly, one of the biggest concerns is the distance that is settling between the people, making them less compassionate and more worldly. During such circumstances, festivals are the bridges that burn all the lengths down and open a window to allow people to connect back together.

This tradition of visiting each other’s homes and giving gifts is an appropriate example that elucidates the importance of festivals in reconnecting people. During Diwali, this process starts even before the arrival of the actual day of the festival! During the cleaning process and while decorating the house, the family members work together to achieve a common goal of welcoming Diwali. Along this process, the family members can learn new things about each other and revisit old memories. Similarly, exchanging gifts is a one-of-a-kind exercise that bonds you and your loved ones even closer and gives you an excuse to visit them.

While the act of giving a gift is in itself a beautiful gesture, Diwali Gift Hampers make the process even more meaningful and memorable. The Diwali gift hampers include a collection of assorted exclusive Diwali items that keep the festival’s spirit high and rising! They are tokens of your care and efforts which express your admiration towards the person and, in turn, bring the two of you closer than before. Diwali Gift hampers are responsible for keeping the sacred Diwali spirit alive and presented as a peace offering to rekindle once dead relations. After all, Diwali is all about celebration, and what is a celebration without the ones who matter to you!

For this year’s Diwali,present your loved ones with a curated Diwali gift hamper and let them know how special and important they are to you!


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