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How frequently should you inspect commercial fire alarms?

Installing a fire alarm system in your commercial building is one of the most important measures to protect your employees and reduce the destruction of a building. Fire alarm services are vital to install top-quality fire alarms in your building that activate when smoke is detected and alert everyone so people can evacuate the building safely. So, whether your facility is big or small, it is crucial that you install a standard quality and well-functioning fire alarm system.

However, your responsibility won’t be over just after installing this first line of defense; you need to conduct regular commercial fire alarm inspections to improve the functioning of your fire protection system. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), you must follow all the safety codes that cover how the fire alarm detects danger and signals the building or how the proper inspection should be conducted. However, you may find it complex to understand all the regulations; that’s why hiring a professional helps you to ease the stress by providing top-notch services.

This write-up can help you know the importance of fire alarm inspection and how often you should hire fire alarm inspection services.

Importance of Fire Alarm Inspection

A fire alarm system is a primary step that will improve the overall safety of your business by strengthening the fire protection systems. Therefore, every business owner must pay attention to fire alarm inspection. If you don’t take this task seriously, then you may encounter some hazardous situations. 

Here are the major aspects that enhance the importance of fire inspection:

  • The regular inspection lets you keep your fire alarm system in good working condition for rapid response. It can signal the emergency units in a matter of minutes, which increases the chances of the firefighters controlling the fire and reducing the damage to your site. 
  • False alarms are frustrating and waste your productive time by disrupting your work. This downtime in your business can cost a good amount of money. When your fire alarm system is inspected regularly, you can prevent false alarms, as only confirmed alarms will act in the event of a fire. 
  • With fire inspection services, your system can act quickly and detect the fire, which helps you to reduce potential business disruptions such as site or equipment damage. With a well-functioning fire alarm system, you and your employee can leave the building calmly without any hassle or panic. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect the lives of your employees, and regular inspection services help you take care of them. 
  • Your fire alarm system works 24/7 to protect your building from fire, and it makes the fire alarm inspection more important. With these services, you can have better overall safety without worrying about your building while it is locked. This way, your building will be protected from potential fire, even if there is no one on-site, and this necessary layer of protection gives you complete peace of mind. 

How often should you hire professionals for inspection?

During the fire alarm inspection, skilled professionals thoroughly investigate damaged components that can create issues. Moreover, they can easily notice any impairments or deficiencies in the system to ensure that your fire alarm system is working properly while keeping you compliant with federal, state, and local fire codes. The national fire protection agency has developed measures for the inspection of fire alarms and the frequencies, 

  • Annual Inspection:

Your fire alarm system should be inspected by a certified professional on an annual basis to ensure that there hasn’t been any damage to the system that can hinder its functionality and its performance. During the inspection, the professional team will investigate the building modifications, fire equipment locations, and damages to check if they need repair or replacement. 

  • Mid-year Inspection:

You need to hire a reliable company to perform an inspection in mid-year to check the batteries, duct detectors, smoke detectors, and other components. Additionally, fire alarms should be inspected monthly, weekly, and daily basis visually, just to be on the safer side. 


When it comes to protecting your employees and your premises, there is no limit to the amount of safety precautions one should take and regular fire inspection is one of the most important parts of it.

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