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How long is the European Health Insurance Card Valid after Moving to Germany?

The cost of paying for medical treatment as an expat in Germany can be overbearing. This is why a health insurance card is vital to have when you are traveling to the country, either as a visitor or for a long-term stay. It helps cover the costs of medical bills and allows you to get the right medical treatment without worrying about unexpectedly high costs.

It is the best thing to have in medical emergencies. However, before you sign yourself up for the card, it is imperative that you understand what the insurance covers, how it works, and how long it is valid. This guide will help answer all of this and more.

What is a European Health Insurance Card?

The European health insurance card (EHIC) is essentially German health insurance for foreigners and expats living in the country. It gives people with a temporary stay in an EU country access to the same type of medical assistance provided by the state that residents of the same country have.

Hence, you will be entitled to the same type of healthcare services and benefits that residents paying for health insurance get. For that reason, it is considered to be like health insurance for expats in Germany and other EU countries.

It is important to note that a European health insurance card is not the same as travel insurance. When traveling through or staying in Germany, it is recommended that you get both. The EHIC will not cover your traveling and stay costs since it deals with medical matters only.

What Does the European Health Insurance Card Cover?

This German health insurance for foreigners gives you free of cost access to the public healthcare system. This means that if you are traveling to Germany to seek medical care, then the EHIC will not cover it, and you will have to pay for it yourself. The insurance does not cover any type of private medical treatment either.

To sum, here is what the EHIC will not cover:

  • Private health insurance
  • If you travel specifically for medical treatment
  • Repatriation
  • Any lost items
  • Traveling costs

The EHIC provides state-provided healthcare for all types of medical emergencies, which means all sorts of unplanned, unforeseen medical problems. It also provides access to medically necessary care, such as in the case of pregnancy and childbirth. This means that you will not need to travel back to your home country to seek medical care.

This type of health insurance can cover all types of medical emergencies. However, their cost will depend on the country itself. You will be paying as much as any other citizen of that country would.

Here are some of the services that can be covered with the European health insurance card. They might either be provided for free or for a lower cost:

  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Emergency dental care
  • Hospital treatment
  • Medicines prescribed to you
  • Emergency ambulance transportation

How to Obtain the European Health Insurance Card?

You can easily obtain the EHIC free of cost by filling out and submitting an application online from your home country. It is best to contact an insurance company or a health insurance institution that can guide you in a better manner on where to go and how to apply for this insurance card. They can also prevent you from scams, which are quite common when applying for EHIC online.

Who Should Get a European Health Insurance Card?

If you are planning a short-term stay in an EU country, such as Germany, you and your entire traveling family should apply for the EHIC. Moreover, anyone from an EEA country and Switzerland are required to get this card when they travel to another European country.

If you are traveling for the following purposes, you should get a European health insurance card:

  • For a holiday
  • For work or business
  • To study at university
  • If you are a regular and consistent visitor of the country

How long is the European Health Insurance Card Valid For?

The validity of the EHIC depends on the country you plan to use this card. It differs from one country to another. In Germany, it will likely last for six months, after which you will need to apply for a renewal.

However, for better insights and clear information, it is best to contact a health insurance institution or an Expat Solution company. They can guide you better with the EHIC process.

Final Words

If you want to know more about the European health insurance card, the application process, and more, it is best to speak with an experienced professional, such as MW Expat Insurance Germany. They can provide you with the most accurate information and proper guidance.

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