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How Much Should I Budget For Real Estate Postcards?

Marketing in real estate can take some finessing, but one of the best options is postcards. They can ensure that you get the leads that you need, and it helps people learn who you are. This method is also an excellent option for promoting open houses. While this isn’t a new option, new ways are being done to ensure that you have a highly effective solution in place to gain you revenue.

Please keep reading to ensure that you have the best knowledge of what real estate postcards will cost you!

How Much Will You Pay Ordering In Bulk?

When you buy in bulk, you know you will be saving money as you get the items at a wholesale price. When you are utilizing real estate postcards for your benefit, you should determine your budget every month to assess how many cards you will be sending. To see the average amount you can expect to pay for buying in bulk,


Amount of cards Price of each card The total amount you will pay
One hundred and fifty $0.75 $112.50
Two hundred $.075 $150.00
Two hundred and fifty $0.75 $187.50
Three hundred $0.75 $225.00
Five hundred $0.75 $375.00


It is quite simple to get massive amounts of cards quickly and not spend more than you are getting.

How Many Real Estate Postcards Will You Be Sending A Year?

 It is good to farm a particular area for at least a year to get maximum results. However, you should know that a specific mailing campaign can last for several years. As a result, you should know what you will be spending. One example is to look at the most considerable postcard amount available, which is five hundred. The cost would be almost four hundred dollars a month, meaning that you would be paying forty-five hundred in a single year.

When you are spending that much, you want to know that your return on investment is possible. If you have a commission of three percent (standard in most areas), you will see that your break-even point would be one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. However, to double your investment, you would need three hundred thousand. It is easy then to see that doubling your investment in a year means selling one home.

 An Effective Choice

 Real estate postcards have been proven to be a practical choice in securing your leads and a better chance at a higher income. When you understand what you will be spending and have a stronger sense of what you will need to budget, you can see the benefits of buying in bulk and sending out massive quantities at once. That allows you to take an honest look at your investment, and you can see a return on your spending. Remember, you need one person to buy a home, and you can easily earn your investment back. If you have multiple people buying homes, you’ve started a sustainable source of income.

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