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How to Break Down the Moving Process

So, you have finally completed the sale for your new home or even signed a new lease – congratulations! Getting the keys to your new home is always a great feeling, and you might be keen to move into your new living space. However, in the time between sealing the deal on your new home and moving into it, first, you need to pack up and prepare your current home for its new residents. The process of moving house can be tedious and even stressful at times, and if you are feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, here is how you should break down the moving process into manageable stages.

Sort Through Your Belongings

Sorting through your belongings and deciding what you want to take with you to your new home is likely one of the longest tasks to complete when you’re moving house. It’s best to get this started as soon as possible and get rid of any clutter that you would rather leave behind. You can donate any unwanted items to charity, offer them to friends or family, or even sell them online if you want to make some money.

Start Packing

Packing is a task that can often take a lot longer than you might realize, especially if you are bringing a lot with you to your new home. Although you will still need to leave some of your belongings out to use as part of your daily routine, anything that is not essential such as books, decorative items, clothes you aren’t wearing, etc., can all start being put into boxes and suitcases. You might want to make a list of the items you have packed so you can keep an inventory of your belongings and know where everything is.

Hiring a Moving Company

If you are going to use a moving company to help you transport your belongings to your new home, make sure you book them in advance. As soon as you know what date you can move into your new house, you should make the arrangements to avoid disappointment. You can easily find moving companies near you with an online search and most of the time book via their websites, or call them if you prefer. If you’re going to lease a car or van and move your items yourself, you should also rent a vehicle in advance.

Home Maintenance

This is a good opportunity to make sure that the property is in the best possible condition for the new residents. If you are renting, this is even more prevalent as you will need to leave the property in good condition if you want to get your security deposit back from your landlord. If the place needs a fresh coat of paint, light bulbs need changing, or areas need a deep clean, make sure this is done before you leave.

If you are excited to get into your new house but are dreading the moving process, breaking this down into more manageable sections, as suggested above could help to ease your mind.

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