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How To Choose A Law College That Is Best For You?

Law as a career is in high demand these days. As India is home to law-abiding citizens, law practitioners need to be well-versed with its language. It is one of the most challenging, exciting, adventurous and rewarding professions for students with different educational backgrounds. Studying a law programme also enriches an individual’s life and the people around them. Although it is a three-year programme, aspirants can also opt for a five-year integrated degree of arts, commerce or science with the profound knowledge of the law to enhance their careers. Aspirants can also specialise in a particular area of law, such as Criminal Law, Civil Law, Labour Law, Intellectual Property Law, Constitutional Law or Administrative Law. If you are keen on pursuing a law course, law colleges in Dehradun are a perfect place to launch your career in the field of law.

Now the question arises: Which college in Dehradun is best for you? To help you pull through this complex situation, we have prepared a list of factors you must consider while choosing the best law college in Dehradun.

  1. Range of specialised programme

Knowing your interest area is equally important to keep yourself passionate and motivated throughout your professional journey. Therefore, candidates must explore the colleges according to their interest area. Some top law colleges in Dehradun provide globally renowned bachelor, postgraduate and doctorate law degrees in 14 fields.

  1. Industry exposure

Industry exposure is crucial to understand the actual functioning of the course. This means exposure to industries bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. University’s connections with leading organisations will provide students with internship programmes and present lucrative job opportunities in the career ahead.

  1. Placement record

The ulterior motive of earning a degree is to secure a well-paying job. Dehradun’s top law schools guarantee placement to over 75 percent of students in leading products and service-based companies of the world. These universities also boast over 210 recruiters during their placement drive in previous years.

  1. Faculty

The top law schools in Dehradun provide a high standard of education with a cutting-edge academic curriculum under the guidance of highly qualified faculty members. Candidates can learn about the faculty’s educational background and experience on the official websites of the colleges.

  1. Facilities

Law is a practice-based career programme. So, students need to learn it pragmatically. Some prestigious law schools in Dehradun have a facility of moot court set up for students to help them unleash and showcase their intellectual prowess.

  1. Accreditations and Affiliations

Last but not least. Accreditations and affiliations are the most vital factors that provide a sense of security and confidence to students and their parents. It acknowledges a high quality of education in the college. An accredited law degree can give you unmatched global opportunities.

So, candidates can keep these parameters in mind while choosing the best law school for them in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Make a well-informed decision for a bright law career ahead.

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